Destiny 2 Unbroken Walkthrough Guide – Legion’s Hold, Legion’s Watch, Defeat Thumos, Finding the Key Card

Unbroken is a difficult mission. This Destiny 2 Unbroken Walkthrough will assist you through your mission by giving you a number of useful tips and tricks and when to use your Grenades and Super to make your life a little easier as you progress through the game.

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Destiny 2 Unbroken Walkthrough Guide

In this Destiny 2 Unbroken Walkthrough Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about getting the key code for Thumos the Unbroken’s ship at EDZ.

Destiny 2 Unbroken Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 15
Recommended Power: 160

Legion’s Hold

Hangar Assault
Grenades: Optional; Super: Optional

Enter the Hangar and take out the Cabal forces by remaining at the entrance and dropping them from range. Use the scenery for cover and remember to use the barrels to your advantage. Kill the Phalanxes first and then the remaining enemies.

Eliminate all of the War Beasts and then focus on the enemies on the platform and the ramp. Kill the Psions first and then land on the gantry. Use the metal barricade fencing as cover. Use your grenades to soften up the enemies.

After this head up the shorter ramp to the upper platform and kill everyone there. Using a grenade or Super is effective. Kill as many people you can before the war beasts reach you. At that time back off and kill them from a distance. After eliminating everyone, approach the right console and use Ghost to access the Schematics. Jump on the descending platform to move ahead.

Legion’s Watch

Machine Room Assault
Grenades: Optional; Super: Optional

Follow the docking passageway to an open door and kill all the War Beasts and the Legionary. After this look up and shoot the ventilation grating before jumping into the conduit. Continue onwards until you can shoot another grating and get ready for a tough fight.

Shoot the Gladiators in the head at first. Then go around the perimeter edges of the room, remember to keep moving, as standing still will kill you. Keep moving between the machinery while shooting the Psions and Legionaries. Keep on heading farther into the bay until you can see the sub boss.

Before tackling the Sub Boss, clear the Alcoves of any Psions and land in the dead end far area to fight one of the fabled Blood Guards. Make the Sub Boss the priority target. Remove his shield and shoot either his head or his fuel tanks. Remember to dodge his flamethrower if you are fighting with him close quarters and beware of all of his minions as they can be a nuisance as well.

Docking Bay Assault
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Recommended

After killing the Sub Boss, leap to the small ledge and head to the narrow corridor ramp. Break the grating and head for the main cargo bay for the Cabal in the EDZ. Head through the two docking bay hangars and drop the enemies in the area, focusing especially on the Psions by staying on the near side of the bay.

Once you get to the door with the hologram lock, you need to kill two Sub Boss Legionaries. Concentrate on one Sub Boss at a time and use your Super to finish them off. Now hack the door and move to the second hangar.

There is a Centurion waiting for you in the second hanger with a Solar Shield. Focus on him while Holliday weakens everyone else. Use the platform barriers as cover while killing everyone you see from the closest to the farthest. Once you get to the Blood Guard Legionary, cut down his shield and shoot his head or jetpack while using the crates as cover.

Bridging Corridors
Grenades: Not Recommended; Super: Not Recommended

Head up the interior ramp from the exit to face another Sub Boss. This is the same as the last boss and all you need to do is to maneuver around the circular central section as you wear down his shield and then kill him.

When you enter into the large bridge room, back away from the console and kill Thumos and the two Sub Boss Legionaries. Thumos is your main target, so use the giant ramp pillars and raised platforms as cover while tacking his reinforcements.

Remember to use your grenades and Super efficiently. When his minions are dead, focus on Thumos. Fight him at range, as he is deadly at melee and shoot him with your favored weapon. More reinforcements will keep on arriving as you tackle this boss so take them out first before you focus on Thumos.

Keep on repeating the aforementioned process until only Thumos is left, at which point you need to continue striking him with ranged shots. Try to use the Super to finish him off. When he is ‘broken’, you get the keys and the mission concludes.

That is it for our Destiny 2 Unbroken Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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