Destiny 2 1AU Walkthrough

This Destiny 2 1AU Walkthrough will help you as you progress through the Destiny 2 1AU mission. Our 1AU Walkthrough details everything you need to know about disabling the Almighty’s weapon in order to save the Traveler and reclaiming the Last City.

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Destiny 2 1AU

Starboard Landing

Fuel Stream
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Optional

Drop down and kill the first few Legionaries before heading down the Ramp. Move forward until you jump on the exposed pipe with the narrow gantry.

Keep yourself properly anchored while you kill the Scorpius and all of the Legionaries.

When you get to the bridge, use ghost to access the controls and then use ranged weaponry to kill all the War Beasts using ranged weaponry after which you kill the others using raised barriers as cover.

Once Ghost is finished with the console, the bridge will swing to the right, and you will have to fight some Cabal before crossing. Go through the door and down the hallway until you reach the next location.

Mineral Processing

Ore Grinders Chambers
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Recommended

Head to the large chambers and go to the control room while killing Legionaries. Save your main canisters, search the control area for fusion cores and carry one to the console.

This will remove the wall blocking your path. Pick it up and carry it over to the open container. Place the charge in and stay clear of the drill.

Once the mouth of the drill has closed, it will begin to spin and Cabal will flood the room. Pick it up and take it towards the open container. Place the charge and then get away from it.

Stay on the same side that you are as you snipe enemies at long range prioritizing the War Beasts and the Gladiators.

After this, kill people from closest to farthest, try to use the explosive canisters to deal radial damage.

Once the enemies are defeated, the mouth of the drill will open up again. You can then proceed to the next area.

Cargo Corridor 1
Grenades: Optional; Super: Optional

Kill all the enemies in the rubble-filled chamber. Keep an eye out for the gladiator, as he could be dangerous. After this head down, the shallow ramp and continue to the window at the far end. Move out to access the ship’s superstructure.

Exterior Superstructure
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Optional

Step between the scenery to avoid fire as you spring down the slope. Engage the Legionaries near the Shields. Let the enemies come to you as you slowly and methodically take them out. After this jump onto the small platform with the exit door.

Cargo Corridors 2 and 3
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Recommended

Leap to the raised area in Corridor 2. Kill all the enemies approaching you while focusing on the Gladiators.

Blast explosive canisters to weaken them and try to use your grenades as well. After destroying them, climb atop the curved platforms to exit the chamber to Corridor 3.

To clear the Corridor 3, kill all the enemies in the red entrance. Then step on the corridor entrance and methodically kill all the remaining enemies while slowly pushing forward to the end.

Once you make your way through these enemies from where they spawn, you need to go through the door, turn right and enter the next mineral area. Go up the vortex of rubble.

Main Grinder Chamber
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Recommended

Ignore all enemies and jump to the central part of the chamber, now spring to the exit gravity tube. Alternatively, you can use the route down the left gantry platform and remove enemy threats along the way by using the Console Wall and support pillars as cover.


Cooling System Takedown
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Recommended

Ride the gravity tube down the massive pipe. Shoot the canister to your left when the door opens and use your super and grenade to clear the depot.

After this get into the interceptor and shoot your enemies using your solar rockets or by blasting the canisters. Head over to the green-lit door to move outside.

Outside, firing at foes is a secondary action, as you need to destroy the cooling fans at waypoints 10, 11 and 12 that appear on your map after scanning with Ghost.

Locate the flat domed cooling vent, position yourself near the door grating and fire at the interior fan with interceptor’s rockets to destroy it.

After this locate the second cooling dome with is identically designed and needs to be destroyed using the exact same way.

After this, you locate the main cooling system that is designed a little differently. Clear the area around it from foes and then wait for the main cooling vent doors to open after which you blast the final fans and drive your interceptor to the entrance doors.

The enemy presence here should be light so kill them before crippling the electron reservoir by entering the corridor left of the destroyed cooling system, grabbing a fusion core and jumping through the connecting corridor with the overheating floor. Reach the circular conduit to the Almighty’s core and drop the fusion core here before fleeing the area.

Now all you need to do is to get to the escape drop ship in less than a minute. Turn 180 degrees and ump onto the top of the super structure. Spring across and jump over the rapid overheating floor towards the waiting ship to conclude the mission.

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