Destiny 2 Larceny Walkthrough Guide – Legion’s Anchor, Stealing Ship, Centurion Boss Fight

Larceny is a short but sweet mission that requires a little guidance as it can be tricky. This Destiny 2 Larceny Walkthrough Guide is all you need to pass through the mission with ease. Keep an eye out for other Walkthroughs as we guide you through each mission in the game.

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Destiny 2 Larceny Walkthrough Guide

In our Destiny 2 Larceny Walkthrough Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about stealing Thumos’s ship using the key card you acquired during Unbroken.

Destiny 2 Larceny Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 16
Recommended Power: 160

Legion’s Anchor

Legion’s Anchor Corridors
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Optional

Head down the Legion’s Anchor and use the cover at the entrance to eliminate all the enemies. Shoot the yellow barrel to clear the central bridge. Turn left and use the corner wall as cover to shoot the rapid-fire sentry guns before they can cock into position. After this, you face a plethora of enemies so be careful and take your time as you lay waste to all of them methodically. There is also a Sub Boss Servitor but it does not need to be a priority target.

Once you are done with these enemies, move past the console and open the door to face a large set of enemies. Kill these enemies while keeping your distance otherwise they will destroy you. Kill the Scorpius first and then focus on the Psions. Once you kill all of the Scorpiuses and the Psions, the door that they are guarding automatically opens revealing the Cabal landing Zone.

Cabal Landing Zone Assault
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Recommended

Clear the area of the two Scorpius guns and use ghost to hijack the ship. While the hijacking is going on, you need to kill the Cabals dropping into the covered bay. Use the sniper rifle for long-range takedowns and face the gladiator at the empty LZ. A dropship will deposit further enemies that you can easily take down due to your height advantage.

More foes will continue to arrive which you need to shoot. Prioritize the Incendiors, as their explosions will also damage the Psions. Coax the enemies to the empty LZ where they are vulnerable but you have cover. Soon you will face the Centurion Boss.

Try to stay on the empty LZ as you battle the Centurion. Bait him onto the bridge between the LZ and the ship LZ and shoot him with your grenade launcher until he falls off the bridge. You can use your Super and grenade as well. After this use Sniper fire and continuous headshots while utilizing the different cover options to kill him and then board the ship, concluding the mission.

Well that is it for our Destiny 2 Larceny Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something in the comments section below!

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