Destiny 2 The Arms Dealer Strike Guide – Legion’s Anchor, Sunken Isles, Legion’s Hold, Echion Vae, Primus Zahn Boss Battle Tips

Destiny 2 The Arms Dealer Strike Guide to help you complete the strike by completing all objectives, defeating sub-bosses, and the main boss at the end.

In this Destiny 2 the Arms Dealer Strike Guide, we will walk you through The Arms Dealer Strike in Destiny 2. Strikes are PVE levels in Destiny 2 and they are completed with a team of players all in for the loot and experience. The Arms Dealer is one of the five Strikes in Destiny 2 and it is full of enemies, tons of loot and difficult bosses.

We have detailed everything that you need to know about The Arms Dealer Strike in our Destiny 2 The Arms Dealer Strike Guide such as how to complete different objectives, how to kill sub-bosses and the final boss.

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Destiny 2 the Arms Dealer Strike Guide

Destiny 2 The Arms Dealer Strike Guide details everything you need to know about clearing and exploring The Arms Dealer Strike for loot in Destiny 2. Recommended Power for this strike is 140. For Nightfall, Required Power is 230 while Recommended Power is 240.

Destiny 2 the Arms Dealer Strike

Sector 1: Legion’s Anchor

Area 1: South Cargo Docks
For this area, Super is recommended for one player while grenades are recommended by all players. This strike has two variations. One with Cabal forces while the other with Cabal and Fallen Forces.

Start the strike by walking along the windowed interior corridor Use the yellow canisters spread in the area to detonate any Fallen enemies. Use the computer monitor to open the door leading to south cargo docks. Go through the door and you will see that reinforcements are being dropped via dropships.

These are Cabal Legionnaires and Phalanxes going against Vandals and a Captain. Your first Sub-Boss of the strike a Legionary Bracus Nor is leading them. Shoot him in the head to make him yield.

Keep thinning the enemies until one of your teammates can hover over the fusion ball dispenser. Grab the ball as soon as the objective requests you to do so.

Area 2: North Cargo Docks
For this area, Super is recommended for one player while grenades are recommended for all players.

North Cargo Docks start with yet another Sub-Boss. Another Legionary Bracus Vox is waiting for you here. As soon as you run under the connecting super-structure platform to the north cargo docks, he will engage you with a melee weapon. Cover the ball carrier and then spread out. One player gets on the left perimeter edge while the other one to the right perimeter edge.

Protect the carrier until the ball is inserted in the receptacle that is being guarded by the Centurion. Here you will come across Psions, War Beasts and Centurion. Keep defending the carrier until the ball is inserted. When the Thresher appears in the sky, focus your fire on it.

You can also use a Super here to take it out quickly. Zahn’s Lieutenant will appear on the north ramp. Keep a lookout for him. Use your super on him as well to quickly take him out.

Clear the area of all enemies and the access the windowed corridor and head into the tiered loading bay. Here you will have the height advantage. Blast yellow canisters for extra damage. Finish off the enemies here and move into the connecting corridor to reach the Sunken Isles.

Sector 2: Sunken Isles

Area 1: Antics on the Carrier On-Ramp
For this area, Super is recommended for one player while grenades are recommended by all players. Variations could be drake tank unavailable.

Head out of the cargo bay and in the carrier ramp. This is no easy task as many Cabal forces in the area block the path. Keep advancing by clearing the area steadily. If Hawthorne has dropped a Drake Tank on your right near the exit, use it and the killing will be very easy for you. Kill the remaining enemies and drive the tank onto the gigantic carrier for the next battle.

Now that you are inside the tank, you can easily take care of the enemy forces present on the ramp, which includes another Sub-Boss, Bracus Crull. Remaining players can follow you on Sparrows as well. Kill the enemies and enter the Legion’s Hold Hanger together. If you do not get the tank, this section will take some time because you will need to clear the area on foot.

Sector 3: Legion’s Hold

Area 1: Trouble in the Hangar
For this area, Super is recommended for one player and Grenades are recommended for all players. Variations could be Drake Tank unavailable, additional enemies, mines on the ramp, elevator control locations may change.

In the hangar, an enemy Goliath Tank will greet you. If you have the Goliath tank, you can easily destroy it. Make your teammates advance to the bridge controls and a second Goliath Tank will appear with a Sub-Boss Bracus. Use the tank and your teammates focused fire to eliminate the foes as quickly as possible. Using a super here is also very useful.

On foot, you will need a different strategy. Spread out and attack from different directions to easily take down the enemies. When climbing up the ramp, watch out for mines. Check the waypoint diamond just in case the location for your bridge controls are different.

Sector 4: Echion Vae

Area 1: Echion Vae
For this area, super is optional for one player while grenades are optional for all players. Variations may be tougher foes, elevator control locations may change.

Continue on the hangar bay and two platforms bridged up ahead, here you need to take out the flamethrowers on top of the bridges. After them, kill the remaining enemies present in the area. Keep advancing and killing the reinforcements being dropped. Use the alcove on the upper right or the suspended tanks on the left side of the hangar to provide covering fire.

The boss will appear here with a couple of Centurion henchmen. Kill the Centurions and the boss will retreat. Follow the boss and the head onto the giant cargo elevator and kill the remaining enemies. Save your grenades and Supers for the boss battle

Boss Battle – Primus Zahn’s Last Stand

For this boss battle, Supers and Grenades are recommended, Variations could be toughened foes, Psion headhunters (snipers), and solar charge location may change. The boss’s weak spot is his head. Shoot his head to deal maximum damage.

On the Elevator, Primus Zahn will peer down from atop the elevator on the cargo deck and will fire with his sniper rifle. Hide behind crates and when you reach the open deck, spread out quickly. Destroy the flamethrower sentry guns quickly and have a teammate execute a Super at Zahn. The third can use weapons and grenades at this point. Focus your fire on his head until he escapes to a high platform and hides inside a solar dome of energy.

Here reinforcements will arrive, kill all the enemies that come and wait for the solar charge to become available. As soon as it becomes available, rush to grab it and run it across the deck to the circular depositing conduit. This will remove the barrier and Zahn will come down to battle again. Keep firing at Zahn while avoiding his minions and destroying them along the way.

For the last part of this battle, Zahn will use a deadly shotgun for close-quarter combat. Keep shooting him and do not forget to use a widespread tactic to shoot at him. Attack his head from a different direction to keep his confused between the three players. Keep at it and he will die soon. If you have a good close-combat gun, it will prove useful here. Once Zahn dies, collect your hard-earned loot.

This concludes our Destiny 2 the Arms Dealer Strike Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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