Destiny 2 Exodus Crash Strike Guide – Prodromus Down, Exodus Black, Glade of Echoes, EX-077 Command, Thaviks Boss Battle Tips

Destiny 2 Exodus Crash Strike to help you walk you through the Exodus Crash strike, defeat the sub-bosses, and defeat the final boss at the end.

In this Destiny 2 Exodus Crash Strike Guide, we will walk you through the Exodus Crash Strike in Destiny 2. Strikes are PVE levels in Destiny 2 and they are completed with a team of players all in for the loot and experience. Exodus Crash is one of the five Strikes in Destiny 2 and it is full of enemies, tons of loot and difficult bosses.

We have detailed everything that you need to know about Exodus Crash Strike in our Destiny 2 Exodus Crash Strike Guide such as how to complete different objectives, how to kill sub-bosses and the final boss.

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Destiny 2 Exodus Crash Strike Guide

Destiny 2 Exodus Crash Strike Guide details everything you need to know about clearing and exploring Exodus Crash Strike for loot in Destiny 2. Recommended Power for this strike is 140. For Nightfall, Required Power is 230 while Recommended Power is 240.

Destiny 2 Exodus Crash Strike

Sector 1: Prodromus Down

Area 1: Main Trench
For this area, Super and Grenades are optional for one player. Variations will have fallen enemies instead of Vex.

You begin the strike in the Main Trench area. This is located in Prodromus Down, a sector of Nessus. Here you will encounter a large number of Vex Soldiers, which will include Minotaurs and Goblins. If this is a variation, these will be replaced with Captains and Vandals. They are stationed around the roadways that twist through the scattered ship wreckage going all the way in the massive shallow scar.

You can run through the area in your sparrows but we will advise that you take these enemies down for experience and making your approach less messy. You must kill the fanatics quickly otherwise, they will run into you and explode. When you are done with the enemies, move forward and split up when you need to head for the shaft of light.

Once a player reaches the shaft of light, they are quickly analyzed. They are usually around six to find. Find them all. You can use sparrows here or the Pike that is parked in the area as it has some offensive power too. Kill the group of fanatics that appear and move ahead. If you take the main road, more of them will spawn ahead. If it is a variation, some Vandals will welcome you. When you are moving upwards to the ruined fuselage, kill the Minotaurs and Goblins and then proceed to the sniping Fallen Vandals.

Try to reach the low ceilings of the cargo storage exit from this trench. If you make it, then it will make your mission much easier. At its entrance, you will find some more Fallen. Kill the Shanks, Vandals and the Captain and head into the interior.

Area 2: Cargo Storage and Transmitter Chamber
For this area, Super and Grenades are recommended. At least one player must have them. Variations will have laser traps throughout the cargo storage, more Wretches, toughened enemies and two giant shanks after Servitors battle.

Once you are inside, quickly push through the narrow low-ceilinged storage area when the barrier at the entrance fades. Now you must push your way into the transmitter chamber, killing the Goblins and Dregs in your way. If you still have your pikes until area, take them as far as the game allows you and then use them to make swift work of the enemies and protect yourself from damage by staying inside it.

Kill the Fanatics and Hobgoblins and park near the yellow transmitter beacon. Now your task is to secure the room from all attacking Vex and Fallen forces as your Ghost gathers the data. At the entrance, there is a raised circular structure, stay close to this. For your advantage, keep a lookout for the dark wall areas around the room from where the enemies will spawn. As soon as they spawn, use grenades to shorten their numbers. You can still use the parked pikes to your advantage here. Here you will need to fight Goblins, Overcharge Shanks and in the end two Servitors.

These Servitors are your first sub-bosses of the strike. These are more toughened up than normal ones. They will protect the overcharge shanks they appear with. You must take the Servitors are soon as possible. Use super and grenades at this point to help you win the battle. When you defeat the Servitors, Goblins and Vandals will spawn to give you a hard time. You should remain near the transmitter and use the surrounding cover and keep shooting the enemies.

As soon as you are done with them, a Hydra will spawn and will teleport some Minotaurs on the battlefield. Focus your fire on the Hydra and it will be defeated quickly. Soon more Fanatics will also spawn. Kill them and the analysis will be complete. The barrier will retract and will give you access into the Exodus Black Sector.

Sector 2: Exodus Black

Area 1: Fallen Base
For this area, Super and Grenades are optional. Variations include hydra and possible Cyclops incursions in the lake area.

In this area, your task is again to analyze the second series of electrical field columns. Check for a visual on the electrical fields at this point. Once done, have each teammate rush to two of them or advance together in the form of the pack. It is up to you how you want to approach this section. You do not really need to kill all enemies here. You can also simply step in each electrical field and then run away.

The three electrical fields are located in and around the base. On is located atop the high plateau and the other two in the lake. A jumble of rocket parts is also located here close to the Exodus Black crash site itself. You can clear this area much quickly as there are not many enemies in this area. To speed things up, find the Dreg driving the Pike, kill him and use the Pike to quickly get to the Glade of Echoes.

Sector 3: Glade of Echoes

Area 1: Entrance to EX-077
For this area, Super and Grenades and recommended and Variations can include additional Heavy Shanks.

As soon as you come across the walker, attack it by shooting at its cockpit head or any of its legs. Deal enough damage and it will slump forward exposing its orange glowing ‘neck’ engine interior. Shoot at it to deal maximum damage. Keep repeating it until you manage to destroy it. During this battle, some Shanks will also join the fight but they should be least of your worries. Focus your fire on the walker.

If for some reason, you do not have the Pike, spread the whole team out so that every player is attacking the walker from a different angle. There is enough cover and jumping room in the area so you can take it down easily even on foot. Make sure all of you are focusing your fire on the walker. Once the walker is down, enter the fuselage it was protecting and advance forward.

Here you will find some empty Pikes so everyone can have their own Pike. Speed downhill towards the giant fuselage wreckage to fight another Fallen Walker. He will be flanked by a giant Shank. Fight them both and make sure this time you are again focused on the walker. Since all of you will be inside Pikes, you should focus your fire on the walker. There will be other Fallen resistance as well in the area but they will not be much trouble for you. Using Pikes will also conserve your ammo and Supers for the boss battle.

Sector 4: EX-077 Command

Area 1: Dark Platforms
For this area, Super is recommended for one player while Grenades are recommended for all. Variations can include Vex Harpies and Goblins appearing

As you enter the dark dome-shaped interior chamber after walking through a narrow and fiery entrance, get ready for a violent and intense fight. If you are still using Pikes, leave them and continue ahead on foot. Battle the Fallen located ahead and above you. In this chamber, you will find several hanging platforms that you need to jump across to continue ahead.

Kill the Dregs, Wretches, and Vandals here and climb the gantry steps. Look for the orange lights indicating a platform above you and leap across those stepping stones. Kill any foe that comes in your path here. The best weapon to use in this area will be a close-range shotgun to maximize the damage done with each shot.

To make things easier, a teammate can stay at the ground floor to kill all enemies coming at you as you advance the platforms. At the end, you will reach the connecting tube passage that leads to the exit. Exit when all players are in the tube.

Thaviks Boss Battle

For this boss battle, Super and Grenades are recommended. Variations can include Toughened enemies and Boss and increased number of enemies. The weak spot of the Boss is Head so shoot at its head for maximum damage.

Snipe the Overcharge Shanks from the top of the chasm chamber. Kill them quickly because, during the boss battle, they will keep electrifying the platforms causing you to get damage and move slowly. Before dropping down, kill all shanks.

The boss of this strike is Captain-sized Marauder Boss Thaviks. He is accompanied with overcharge shanks. He is pretty fast and can scurry away or charge you in seconds so you need to be very agile during the battle. His weapon is a high-damage shrapnel launcher. Jumping is your friend in this boss battle. Jump a lot to dodge his attacks. He has a shimmering blue form which is his cloaking form but do not stop attacking him even in this state as it will only elongate the fight.

Your first task here is to remove the first third of Thaviks health. All the team members must focus fire on the boss. Launch one super to deal enough damage to remove the first third of his health. After some time, some Shanks and Vandals will join the fight and will invade the whole platform area. When this happens, one team mate must focus on the overcharge shanks to kill them as quickly as possible so that the remaining two team mates can continue to damage the boss.

If no one is killing the overcharge Shanks, they will continue electrifying the platforms causing you to literally stop since they decrease the movement speed and also incur damage. Thaviks will teleport out of the arena every time 10 percent of his health is lost. He comes back with shanks and a refreshed camo but it does not regenerate like the normal one. When 30 percent of his health is gone, Thaviks will retreat and wait until all the other enemies are killed.

Once they are killed, Thaviks switches his side to the entrance side of the room and comes back with a fresh spawn of shanks. At 40 percent health drop, Thaviks will retreat again and wait for all enemies to be killed. This time, when he comes back in the arena, he will enable all four Shank Spawners and will teleport in using any one of the four. His weapon will also switch to blades from shrapnel launcher.

The last part of the battle is the toughest. Thaviks will be most aggressive in his melee attacks and Overcharge Shanks will be covering more area than usual. Keep on the boss and occasional Overcharge Shanks and you will be able to defeat the boss. Use the remaining supers here to deal massive damage to the foes. Once the boss is dead, collect your loot. The strike is complete.

This concludes our Destiny 2 Exodus Crash Strike Guide. If you want to add anything to the guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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