Destiny 2 Savathun’s Song Strike Guide – Solarium, Arboretum, Chasm of Screams, Dark Heart Boss Tips

In this Destiny 2 Savathun’s Song Strike Guide, we will walk you through the Savathun’s Song Strike in Destiny 2. Strikes are PVE levels in Destiny 2 and they are completed with a team of players all in for the loot and experience. Savathun’s Song is one of the five Strikes in Destiny 2 and it is full of enemies, tons of loot and difficult bosses.

We have detailed everything that you need to know about Savathun’s Song Strike in our Destiny 2 Savathun’s Song Strike Guide such as how to complete different objectives, how to kill sub-bosses and the final boss.

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Destiny 2 Savathun’s Song Strike Guide

Destiny 2 Savathun’s Song Strike Guide details everything you need to know about clearing and exploring Savathun’s Song Strike for loot in Destiny 2. Recommended Power for this strike is 140. For Nightfall, Required Power is 230 while Recommended Power is 240.

Destiny 2 Savathun’s Song Strike

Sector 1: Solarium

Area 1: Lobby and Arboretum Entrance
For this area, Super is recommended for one player, grenades are recommended for all players. Variations will include toughened enemies and different enemies.

Start the area by crossing the bridge and heading up into the platform chamber with the broken LED wall. You will encounter some Acolytes here, kill them quickly. Find the gap and squeeze through it into the large open lobby. Once there, head north towards the enemies you see up ahead. Kill the Acolytes and the Wizard while avoiding the Hive traps.

As soon as Ghost starts to hack the door, some Thralls led by a wizard will attack you. Kill them and protect Ghost. Kill the cursed Thralls quickly and then move on to other enemies. Use a grenade here to deal some quick and extra damage to the Knights but use them only if you really need to. Otherwise, save them for later.

As soon as the door opens, throw a grenade inside quickly to take out as many attacking Thralls as possible before they spread out in the area. Once you are done here, move on and in the next room, you will find your first sub-boss, an Ogre. He will be accompanied with Knights and Acolytes.

Step to one side of the room and all three of you must focus on the Ogre first. Try to bring it down as quickly as possible. Avoid Ogre’s facial maw beam at all costs, as it can kill you quickly. If you want to, use one super on the Ogre. Kill the Ogre first and then move on to other enemies. Once done, continue further down the corridor.

Sector 2: Arboretum

Area 1: Main Hall and The Pit
For this area, Super is recommended for one player and Grenades are recommended for all players. There are no variations in this area.

Keep heading through the pink entrance hall, kill the Acolytes in your way and avoid the Hive trap. Once you reach the main hall, turn left and tell your teammates to kill the remaining Acolytes in the area. Engage the Void Wizard yourself! The player with the most HP here must quickly vault up the steps and grab a void charge. Once grabbed, run it forward to an area just below a floating Hive Shrieker.

If you have good firepower weaponry, you can use them to kill the Shrieker too because the Shrieker fire will kill you in seconds. The best strategy is to keep two teammates focused on the Shrieker while the third pick the Void charge and delivers it to the receptacle. This will kill the Shrieker too as well as open up the way forward. Save your supers for later.

Drop down into the Pit and scan the chained object in the middle of the hive nest. You need to find more of these crystals. Attack the remaining chambers of the Arboretum after finding and destroying the remaining crystals in the adjacent cave.

Area 2: Bio-Dome Mezzanine
For this area, Super and Grenades are recommended for all players. Variations can likely be by entering the sector in different order, entering the area and disrupting a Hive ritual instead of taking down two Ogres.

This area starts with a Sub-Boss. Head into one of the side-chambers off The Pit and engage the Acolytes and a toughened Knight located there. Blast the six glowing crystals located in the Hive cave. As soon as the blocked doorway becomes accessible, enter the mezzanine. Here you will find another Ogre with some Knights and Acolytes.

Use the same method and kill the Ogre first before tackling the smaller enemies. Avoid the traps in the area and then confront the second Ogre in the upper mezzanine. Once killed, finish off the remaining enemies and move ahead into another crystal cave.

Area 3: Upper and Lower Mezzanines
For this area, Super and Grenades are recommended for all players. Variations can be entering a sector in a different area and taking down two Ogres instead of disrupting a Hive Ritual.

Reach the next Crystal cave and kill the enemies present there. Once killed, destroy the six crystals located in the cave. Once done, you will be granted access to the upper mezzanine area. You need to stop a void ritual there. Dodge the Hive traps and kill all the enemies in the area to advance to the Void Wizards. Kill them first to stop the ritual and then finish off the remaining enemies.

Time for another Sub-Boss. Rather two Sub-Bosses. For the next section, you need to face off against an Ogre, two Shriekers, and two Void Wizards. They appear in an order so you can use the same tactics for this situation as explained below. Once you have slotted the void charge, head down the L-shaped hallway, find the two Wizards, and kill them quickly. Once killed, the crystal will dissolve and you will find yourself in the Chasm of Screams.

Sector 3: Chasm of Screams

Area 1: Hive Burrows
For this area, Super and Grenades are optional for one player. This area is fairly simple to run and gun. Run throw the Hive tunnels killing everything in sight. Kill the Cursed Thralls which will come in the form of a horde. Avoid using Supers and Grenades here. You will complete this section without many problems.

Area 2: Chamber of the Dark Heart – Boss Battle
For this boss battle, Supers and Grenades are recommended for all players. Variations could be three appearing Ogres, toughened foes, and Boss. The Boss’s weak spot is the central ‘eye’. Target it for maximum damage.

Enter the final chamber and quickly scan the area. Get to know your environment. Look at the sheer drop with the floating platform, the multi-tiered balcony platform and many Hive entrances are all present here. Take your positions and one of the players must now go and open the huge crystal in the middle. Open it to reveal a giant Shrieker known as the Dark Heart. Welcome to the boss battle.

For this boss, your team must be split up. One of the players must focus on the Dark Heart solely. The second player also has to focus on the Dark Heart but he will also focus on killing the Hive enemies. The third player will solely focus on killing the Hive enemies spawning here and there. All must focus on the Dark Heart as they get a chance to target it.

Enemies spawn in the same place again and again so if one player knows the places and the time, he can throw a grenade at the right time so that as soon as the enemies spawn, they die. Just like any other boss, focus on getting the first third of boss’s health away. Strike the eye and keep the focused fire. Eventually, the eye will close and move to one side of the battle area. Kill the Hive forces that follow.

When the boss is about to die, it will teleport to the top of the floating platform. Here two or three Void Wizards will join the battle. Kill the wizards and grab the void charge to insert it in the slot. Dark Heart will be hurt. Once the ritual starts, your focus should be on killing the wizards as soon as possible.

Dark Heart will open again so focus your attacks back on it. Keep this up until you manage to kill the eye. Save your Supers because, at one point, Ogres will join the battle. Use your Supers to kill them quickly. Keep in the cover to avoid the energy bolts.

This concludes our Destiny 2 Savathun’s Song Strike Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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