Destiny 2 Riptide Walkthrough Guide – The Rig, Tidal Anchor, Converter Towers

This Destiny 2 Riptide Walkthrough Guide will walk you through the Destiny 2 Riptide mission. We will provide you with all of the recommendations for grenades and Super along with a step by step process on how to quickly get through this mission. Remember to check out our other Destiny 2 mission guides to get a grip on progressing through the entire campaign.

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Destiny 2 Riptide Walkthrough Guide

In this Destiny 2 Riptide Walkthrough Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing the mission.

Destiny 2 Riptide Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 4; Recommended Power: 50

The Rig, Seas of Titan

Shrieker Bridge
Grenades: Optional; Super: Optional

Get to the Rig, take out the Acolytes first and use the crate as cover. Now drop the Fallen foes and move along the ledge with the view of the bridge. Fight the Vandals and the dregs near the bridge and then take out the Shrieker. To take out the Shrieker hide behind the bridge pillar and partially step out to attack its core. After this use your sniper rifle to finish him off. A sticky grenade is a good choice on the Shrieker as well. You can throw it by hiding behind the crate where the Acolytes were first fighting from.

After this enter the huge rig building with the sunburst logo above the bridge. Go ot the dark cargo ramp room take a left and head up through the secretion filed side gantry corridor.

Tidal Anchor

Sunburst Rig: Wave Converter Control Room
Grenades: Optional; Super: Optional

Help the Fallen kill the Acolytes and then turn on the Fallen to kill them all. After this kill any nearby Dregs and shoot all the Exploder Shanks. This will make their floating bombs detonate near the Fallen. Stay away from the circular doorway and ‘bay 03’ before you neutralize these targets. After this, head over to the Fallen Captain with the two Vandals. Kill them and access the ‘golden age console’ to start restoring power to the main base.

Sunburst Rig: Lower Machine Corridor
Grenades: Optional; Super: Optional

Navigate the dark stairwell and be careful of the motion traps which can damage you and slow you down. Make slow progress towards the stairwell door, surprise the Wretch and the Dreg once the door opens and then continue down the stairwell. Before you step onto the lower windowed corridor, kill all the dregs and the two exploder Shanks. Move out and kil the Vandals and Dregs on your left by sneaking between the windows to flank them.

Move to the connecting corridors with the laser traps and shoot the small cylinders on the ground. Pass through the destroyed room and then drop down the large circular hole. Boost before you land to avoid death.

Sunburst Rig: Lower Red Deck
Grenades: Optional; Super: Optional

Quickly kill the two shanks in front of you. Dodge the fire of the Tracer Shanks in the distance and prioritize the over everyone else. Go through the open hatch on your left and avoid the motion trap. When the Gantry starts to split into two parallel platforms, take the right one and work your way forward and to the left to kill the Tracer Shank.

Bridge and Tower 01,02
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Optional

Head to the narrow bridge, take down the Shanks first and then begin your bridge assault. Lob a grenade and kill all of the Fallen infantry starting from the closest. The bridge support clamps provide excellent cover. Beware of the Cursed Thralls who are charging straight at you. Use the grenade launcher to strike the cursed Thrall so it explodes and wounds enemies near its radius. Back off if they come too close to you as they are quite explosive. After this, rush the tower while moving from cover to cover to destroy the Acolytes and the Knights.

When you get to the second bridge, the enemy appears along with a host of Cursed thralls when you reach the middle of the bridge. Back up and then shoot the closest Thrall to detonate a group of others with it. Do this with all of the Thrall groups and melee one if it gets too close. Move forward to attack the Acolytes and the Knight. Unless your sniping, charge forward and lob a grenade at the knight while moving into the last bridge clamp. Get to the tower and use the walls as cover to easily defeat the enemies.

Move to the partly destroyed bridge from Tower 02 to the twisted gantry ledges of the convertor tower. Jump and leap up to the gantries. Head into the tube tower while attacking the Hive spittle coating to activate the first convertor.

From First Convertor to second convertor
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Not recommended

Exit the tube tower and move right, careful not to fall of the cable bridge. Use the broken bridge as platforms to enter the Tower 03 at the entrance below the destroyed bridge you just traversed. Kill a night and four Acolytes (a grenade is a good option). After this face towards Tower 02 and run along the cable bridge to leap towards the half destroyed gantry. Now turn right and move towards the second convertor tower with two generator arms on its side(use the grenades to kill the enemies as you remove the poison from the tower walls).

Second Converter Tower to Tower 02
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Recommended

Move across the remnants of a gantry bridge from the converter tower by leaning across the gaps. Jump left when you reach the tower to land on the gentry steps. Move to the roof and face the two Hive Wizards.

First focus on the Wizard directly in front of you and shoot it with a Solar Energy Weapon. Keep your gunfire focused on it as you must kill it first before it recharges its shield. After this move into the hiding area behind the crates to drop a grenade on the Acolytes and the Thralls, after this more Thralls and Acolytes will appear. Keep one of the previous Acolytes alive and shoot the second wizard while behind cover.

Keep on moving and stay agile while focusing on the Thralls stragglers and melee the regular Thralls. Take a break to recover by hiding behind some scenery and then remove the Hive threats. After you have killed everyone, shoot the Hive secretions from the Circuit Breaker and flip the switch to restore power and complete the mission.

That is it for our Destiny 2 Riptide Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something in the comments section below!

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