Destiny 2 Deep Conversation Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 Deep Conversation Adventure Guide will help you with this particular adventure on Nessus and will guide you on how to defeat the Zenke Mind which is a formidable foe on the battlefield.

Adventures have small self-contained missions that are good for grinding for gear and each of them has a special reward. Each adventure is independent of one another.

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Destiny 2 Deep Conversation Adventure

Make your way to the Artifact’s Edge and the adventure will begin. As it starts three platforms appear in the bottomless chasm.

All you have to do is to jump on any of them and start scanning them in any order you like but, be careful of the electrical discharge that arcs across the platform after every scan as it arcs on one platform at a time and goes towards the other one after a brief period in a clockwise direction.

The electrical discharge is indicated by a green glow on the platform. When the discharge occurs, simply jump in the air to avoid damage.

Also, once all three are scanned quickly jump to a firm area or else the platforms will disappear and you will fall.

Three more platforms will appear near the energy elevator and LZ. Make your way there and leap across the three smaller platforms and land on the first large platform and scan it.

This will spawn Vex units near the platform. Again, watch out for the electrical discharge and some foes will appear near you, kill them all using a Scout Rifle; by far the most recommended weapon to deal with foes on the platform.

When all of them have been taken care of, gather the data that has been dropped by your foes and make your way up the floating platforms as the data amount increases to 100 percent.

As you move up more and more tough enemies will appear. Just kill the group of Vex that appears and then move to the indicated platform scan and establish a connection and find the next Platform to kill the Vex.

Killing the Vex is not an easy task especially when you’re collecting the required data. So, use weapons such as grenades, Rifle or even an SMG to take care of business.

This way you’ll save your time and kill the Vex at the same time.

Continue this until Elite Hydra, the Zenke Mind, appears above you. Each time you drop its health to a third, one of the platforms will fill up with lesser foes for you to take care of.

Also, don’t try to get into close quarter combat with Zenke The Mind as his attacks are vicious and there are no covers on his platform.

Therefore, the best option is to hit it with your Super causing it do deal damage and eventually becoming weak.

But before going for the Mind, make sure to focus on the lesser foes first then deal with the Mind or else you’ll get jumped on by all the foes at once.

As Zenke Mind is destroyed, Deep Conversation adventure concludes. Just round up the remaining Vex and make your way back.

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