Destiny 2 Release Adventure Guide – Nessus Tangle Sector, Vex Wardens Boss, Vex Conflux

Destiny 2 Release Adventure Guide will help you with this particular adventure on Nessus that will see you go to the Tangle sector and fight your way through the Vex Wardens and lesser foes to your objective.

Adventures has small self-contained missions which are good for grinding for gear and each of them has a special reward. Each adventure is independent of one another. In Destiny 2 Release Adventure, players will face two Vex Wardens along with some Taken who have been captured by the Vex.

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Destiny 2 Release Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 Release Adventure Guide will detail everything that players need to complete the adventure and defeat the two Vex Wardens.

Destiny 2 Release Adventure

Reward: Rare Gear

Destiny 2 Release Adventure starts in The Tangle sector and also requires players to complete the campaign mission Six first. As the adventure begins, find the beacon down in the gorge area and enter the nearby glowing cave which will take players to the Mist Sector. Venture deep down the tunnels and will eventually encounter the “Prison Guard”, kill it along with other foes in the area.

As you vanquish the first wave, the second cage will open and Dregs with a Captain will come at you. Thin the enemy ranks until none remain and squeeze down the narrow curved corridor and you will encounter another Minotaur. Keep moving ahead you will emerge in a large cavern.

There will be more cages in this cavern and enemies will start attacking you. Kill all the foes in the area that come your way. Once you are done with them, two Vex Wardens will appear which are toughened Minotaurs with three segments of health, one appearing on each side of the chasm.

Stay on one side of the area and bring out your best weapon that deals the most damage and concentrates your fire on the first Vex Warden. As you deal with him more Goblins and Harpies will emerge round them up and more of them will attack you along with the second Vex Warden.

Stay near the cover and focus your fire on the Vex Warden, your Super and Grenades will help take down a lot of his health. Also, waves of Goblins and Harpies will appear periodically as the fight progresses.

Eventually, you will be victorious and then head along a rock tunnel into a previously unexplored altar room where you will find a floating Vex conflux. You will be prompted to interact with it and the adventure will conclude.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Release Adventure Guide with tips on how to defeat the Vex Wardens.

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