Destiny 2 Invitation from The Emperor Guide

Destiny 2 Invitation from The Emperor Guide will help you with the entire adventure that will see players intercept the Cabal data in The Cistern sector.

Adventures are small self-contained missions which are good for grinding for gear and each of them has a special reward. Each adventure is independent of one another. In Destiny 2 A Tale Of Two Confluxes Adventure players will face a lot of cabal enemies while trying to intercept the data.

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Destiny 2 Invitation from The Emperor

Invitation from the Emperor adventure will begin in The Cistern and as it begins, move past the waterfall and huge tree and make your way to the base of the tower.

Here you will face some lesser Cabal foes at the base of the structure. Fighting them is optional and what ever you decide, head inside and make a controlled jump down into the Well of Flame.

Enter the Vex Portal and enter the cylindrical arena past the yellow prism. Don’t touch the white fluid flowing around the arena as you will take damage and start killing the Centurion and Legionaries in the area before investigating the three consoles. However, this is not going to be an easy fight just stay focused and clear of the White fluid.

One way to take of them is to stay at the entrance and killing enemies and taking cover when needed. Another approach to this fight plan is to drop down and work your way clockwise around the perimeter, thinning out the clusters of Cabal as you go.

You will also encounter some Psions and Phalanxes, accompanied by an Elite Centurion. Take care of the weaker enemies first, save the Elite Centurion for last.

Once the coast is clear, players can download the date from the consoles and expect more Cabal infantry just as strong you just faced each time you interact with a console. Take care of them one by one and complete the download.

After that, access the Vex Portal and you will emerge out of the Well of Flame and make your way out to the Cistern. More enemies will arrive through dropship but, engaging them is a choice. It is better to grab your sparrow and make your way to the waypoint.

As you reach your waypoint, clear the Psions, Legionaries, and possible Phalanxes in the orange overhang where you will also encounter a Fallen Captain and cloaked Marauders. The Fallen are optional targets do what ever you want and head down the overhang area to the two adjacent confluxes, one will be lower and other will be upper.

Expect them to the surrounded by enemies, clear both areas before establishing the link as players will need to stay close to the conflux while the link connects.

Once the link is established, players will need to guard the conflux while the link connects defend them from the enemies. If the threat level reaches 100% then the adventure is over, so it is important to defend them.

Stay close to the upper conflux to get the best vantage point. You will have to defend the confluxes for about 2-3 minutes and your percentage will be 100 and then head to the beacon. Get to the beacon and transmit the data and the adventure is complete.

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