Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born in Darkness Quest Guide

Here we have this detailed Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born in Darkness Quest guide on the whole quest line and all of its parts along with rewards.

Here we have this detailed Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born in Darkness guide on the whole quest line and all of its parts along with rewards in D2 Beyond Light.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born in Darkness

In Destiny 2 Beyond Light, you get to unlock new quests after you complete the campaign.

With the completion of Beyond Light campaign you will be able to get this quest named “Born in Darkness” along with many more.

The whole questline can be obtained from Exo Stranger and on completing this quest you will be able to acquire new Stasis subclass abilities.

Born in Darkness

The quest is on Europa so start with facing Fallen and defeating him on Europa which will get you 50 energized Ether, and after that the next task will be to give 10 Stasis melee finishing blows to any enemy on Europa.

Part 1
The best choice for this Cadmus Ridge or E15 Lost Sector as there are a lot combatants you can find here and you can even run the areas a couple of times.

To get Stasis final blows you can simply prime the facing enemy with primary weapon.

Now equip the Stasis and complete 3 strikes and then kill 60 more enemies with stasis.

Here, do not worry of the 60 enemies as the strikes will have lots of them and you will easily get the 60 enemy target within two or three strikes.

Now you just have to get the bounties from Zavala and keep in mind that you can also get Vanguard Pinnacle drop if your elemental singe matches the Stasis.

Then get to the Eternity and face Weniks (Salvation Elite’s Platoon) and that is it for the most part of Eternity.

After you are done here, just get to the E15 Lost Sector and face any Fallen there and then talk to the Exo Stranger.

Now you will also have to free Baytech who is captivated by Vex and fight with whatever enemy there is, then get to the boss room and destroy everything you see.

Get to Elsie Bray who is in the back room and a cutscene will appear and you will get back to Beyond. This will mark the end of part of the quest.

Part 2
Part two will begin with you again facing Vex on Europa, this time you have to kill 50 Vex and get the energized Randiolarian fluid from all of them.

You also need 20 stasis crystals as well which you can get by shattering from combatants and that can be done by giving them shatter final blows.

Next you have to simply equip the stasis again and complete 3 playlist activities along with killing 60 enemies. So do it just like in the first part.

We recommend Strikes as the best way for you and shatter damage technique will help you a lot.

As you go to big darkness shard, Meliks will spawn so kill them all with your Super. Clear the whole area and you are done here.

Now you have to complete the Perdition Lost Sector, and we recommend having void weapon as it will be the best answer to those Vex Minotaur shields.

Kill the boss and go through the door up the staircase and there will be a cutscene with Dr. Bray and you will get the Duskfield Grenade. Now to the next part of the quest.

Part 3
In this one, you go through almost the same drill. You have to get Darkness energy from 30 Vex so get that by killing them then kill 30 Fallen for darkness energy as well.

Then you have to go to Europa and face 20 combatants and affect them with stasis.

We recommend you to go to Cadmus Ridge and you will get Vex and Fallen all around the area. After that, keep the stasis equipped and go to Gambit and take part in 3 Gambit matches.

This one is simple and you just have to clear all zones.

Then go to Eternity and face Teraks, salvation Elite Platoon. Go to the back of the area through Bray Exoscience and at the end just complete the void last sector.

Now you have to talk to Exo Stranger, keep in mind to bring arc weapon as data walls will slow you down.

Kill the boss and go through the family reunion with Elsie and Ana and then talk to the Exo Stranger and you will get Coldsnap Grenade.

This is the end of your Born in Darkness quest and you have three rewards as well.


  • Aspects and Fragments
  • Duskfield Grenade
  • Coldsnap Grenade

This is it from our Born in Darkness Quest guide.