Destiny 2 Beyond Light Master and Legend Lost Sectors Guide

In our Destiny 2 Beyond Light Master and Legend Lost Sectors Guide, we will bring you up to speed with everything there is to know about the new Master and Legend Lost Sectors that were introduced with the Beyond Light DLC.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Master and Legend Lost Sectors

New types of Lost Sectors have been introduced this time around. These are the Master and Legend Lost Sectors that appear on Europa & Cosmodrome.

These Lost Sectors are quite the challenge as the Master one requires a power level of at least 1280 while a Legend Lost Sector has a power level requirement of 1250.

Attempting to clear these Lost Sectors is important because, unlike previous destiny seasons, players won’t be able to get a fated engram from Xur and hope for new armor drops.

Seasonal Exotic Armor Sets

Master and Legend Lost Sectors are the only way to grind and get the new exotic armor sets that came with Season of the Hunt.

Every day, 2 new lost sectors appear on Europa and Cosmodrome ( One Master and One Legendary) and these lost sectors carry 1 exotic armor piece with them which also changes daily.

So, players can check the lost sector every day to see which armor piece is on offer that day.

If you complete this higher difficulty lost sector with a fireteam, then you will be awarded Nightfall level rewards.

If, however you venture solo and can beat it then you may find a new exotic armor piece at the end.

There is no certain way of knowing which armor piece will be offered so you have to double-check every day.

In addition to that, these lost sectors will also have additional elemental buffs, and debuffs so be sure to check that and equip yourself appropriately; otherwise your solo venture can very easily turn into a nightmare.

It is recommended that you have a 20 to 30 power level lead before heading into one of the new Lost Sectors alone for a better chance at succeeding.

Rotation of Lost Sectors

We have listed a table that tells you more about the rotation of different lost sectors in the Legend and Master category. This schedule can change if Bungie decides to do some changes on their end.

Legend Master
Nov-23 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Nov-24 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Nov-25 Perdition Bunker E15
Nov-26 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
Nov-27 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Nov-28 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Nov-29 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Nov-30 Perdition Bunker E15
Legend Master
Dec-01 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
Dec-02 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Dec-03 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Dec-04 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Dec-05 Perdition Bunker E15
Dec-06 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
Dec-07 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Dec-08 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Dec-09 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Dec-10 Perdition Bunker E15
Dec-11 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
Dec-12 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Dec-13 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Dec-14 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Dec-15 Perdition Bunker E15
Dec-16 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
Dec-17 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Dec-18 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Dec-19 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Dec-20 Perdition Bunker E15
Dec-21 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
Dec-22 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Dec-23 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Dec-24 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Dec-25 Perdition Bunker E15
Dec-26 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
Dec-27 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Dec-28 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Dec-29 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Dec-30 Perdition Bunker E15
Dec-31 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
2021 Legend  Master
Jan-01 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Jan-02 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Jan-03 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Jan-04 Perdition Bunker E15
Jan-05 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
Jan-06 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Jan-07 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Jan-08 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Jan-09 Perdition Bunker E15
Jan-10 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
Jan-11 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Jan-12 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Jan-13 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Jan-14 Perdition Bunker E15
Jan-15 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
Jan-16 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Jan-17 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Jan-18 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Jan-19 Perdition Bunker E15
Jan-20 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
Jan-21 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Jan-22 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Jan-23 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Jan-24 Perdition Bunker E15
Jan-25 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
Jan-26 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Jan-27 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Jan-28 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Jan-29 Perdition Bunker E15
Jan-30 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
Jan-31 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Legend Master
Feb-01 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Feb-02 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Feb-03 Perdition Bunker E15
Feb-04 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition
Feb-05 Veles Labyrinth Exodus Garden 2A
Feb-06 Concealed Void Veles Labyrinth
Feb-07 Bunker E15 Concealed Void
Feb-08 Perdition Bunker E15
Feb-09 Exodus Garden 2A Perdition

The lost sector rotation ends on February 9th as that’s when Season of the Hunt ends in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

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