How to Unlock Stasis Subclass in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

The new expansion for Destiny 2 is finally out now with new weapons, missions, characters, and the best of all,...

The new expansion for Destiny 2 is finally out now with new weapons, missions, characters, and the best of all, a fresh new Stasis subclass that will be covered in this guide. We will guide you on how to unlock the Stasis subclass by completing the Destiny 2 Beyond Light main campaign.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Stasis Subclass

To unlock the Stasis subclass, you will have to progress through the Beyond Light campaign first.

Near the end of the campaign, you will be given a quest by the Exo Stranger. She will give you the location of the pyramid where you have to go and interact with four floating crystals.

Once you have interacted with all four of the crystals and attained the Splinter of Darkness, you can now use the Stasis subclass temporarily against the boss.

After beating the boss, go back to Exo Stranger and then go to the pyramid to receive your Stasis subclass.

Stasis subclass can be customized using Aspects, Fragments, Grenades, Movement Modes e.t.c.

Stasis Aspects

Aspects are different for different classes, such as the Warlock Shadebinder can use Frostpulse Aspect that allows you to freeze your opponents and smash them to pieces inside a mile radius.

Fragments are a part of the Aspects that can be used in all three classes and they give you a boost in damage or abilities at the cost of one of the core stats. There are a total of four Fragments:

Whisper of Bonds
Finishing off a frozen enemy using any weapon gives you Super energy but at the cost of -10 Discipline and Intellect.

Whisper of Durance
The slow period of the enemies will last longer and you will receive +10 Strength.

Whisper of Refraction
Smashing frozen enemies will take away some of your class ability energy.

Whisper of Hedrons
Freezing an enemy gives you a bonus weapon damage but -10 Strength.


You also have the option to choose from three of the following Grenades:

Coldsnap Grenade
When thrown at the ground or the enemy, a wave of Stasis energy attacks the nearest enemy and freezes them. This wave will target up to three enemies.

Duskfield Grenade
Upon impact, creates a powerful black hole that sucks enemies into it and freezes them if they stay inside the field for too long.

Glacier Grenade
Unleashes crystals from the ground that can freeze the nearby enemies or can be used as a shield.

Stasis Subclasses

There are a total of three subclasses to choose from:

Hunter Revenant


  • Shatterdrive: While in midair, use this aspect to smash into the ground and shatter nearby enemies.
  • Stasis Storm: Slows down the enemies inside a radius and deals damage for a short period.

Silence and Squall: Uses two Kama blades, where one of the blades detonates on impact and freezes nearby enemies while the other blade slows down the enemies caught inside the storm.

Melee Attack
Withering Blade: Throws a shuriken at the enemies that can ricochet off the surface or the enemies and slow them down. Throwing two shurikens at the same enemy will freeze the enemy.

Titan Behemoth

Tectonic Harvest: Destroying a Stasis crystal drops a Stasis shard that grants you melee energy. The Stasis shard can also be picked by your teammates.

Glacial Quake: Forms an Icy gauntlet on your character’s fist that when slammed on the ground, creates Stasis crystal that freezes the enemies at the spot. Your movement speed and jump distance are also increased for the time period.

Melee Attack
Shiver Strike: Titan jumps at the targeted enemy and strikes it with his fists that send it backward and slow the nearby enemies.

Warlock Shadebinder

Frostpulse Aspect: Creates a Stasis field that freezes the nearby enemies.

Winter’s Wrath: Summons a staff that fires crystals and freeze the enemies at the spot. When the super ends, it then raises the staff in the air and destroys the frozen enemies.

Melee Attack
Penumbral Blast: Shoots Stasis energy that freezes the opponent it hits.

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