Demon’s Souls Remake Grass Farming Tips

Grass and Spice are pretty important items to ensure your victory in most Demon’s Souls encounters. In these Demon’s Souls...

Grass and Spice are pretty important items to ensure your victory in most Demon’s Souls encounters. In these Demon’s Souls Remake Grass Farming tips, we’ll be going over a few recommended areas in the game that you can use to farm much-needed Grass for yourself.

Demon’s Souls Remake Grass Farming Tips

Dark Souls relied on Estus Flasks, Bloodborne had Blood Vials, and similar to all that; Demon’s Souls PS5 utilizes Grass to ensure that players can heal themselves during battle.

You can find these healing items scattered throughout the world of Demon’s Souls.

There are, of course, a few areas crowded with a bunch of enemies that will drop exactly what you need to keep your journey going.

If you happen to run out of Grass in DS Remake, you might not be able to stand your ground for too long.

Below is a list of a few areas that we determined to be the best for your Grass Farming experience in Demon’s Souls Remake.


Buy from Patches the Hyena

Purchasing Grass from Patches isn’t really recommended unless you’re too lazy to do the farming yourself. You can interact with Patches once he moves to the Nexus in 2-2 or 4-2.

We’d recommend focusing more on your gear and Soul Level instead of wasting most of it with Patches to buy yourself Grass.

Tower Knight Archstone Farming

A good early-game place to fulfill all your Grass needs is the Tower Knight Archstone.

Immediately upon warping from the Nexus, you will find two Knights that you should be able to kill easily with a stealthy backstab.

Not only will they give you a few souls, but will also drop you two Half Moon Grasses each.

Further down the tunnel, you will also find three archers that can be killed to gain both souls and possibly Half Moon Grass.

Continue to repeat this process by warping back to the Nexus, and coming back to the Tower Knight Archstone.

You can gather a hefty number of Grasses and Souls prior to proceeding to the next area.

Old Hero Archstone

You can use this method as you approach the end-game. All you need to do is grab a Thief’s Ring, and the good ol’ trusty Storm Ruler.

Go to the Old Hero Archstone, and make your way to the right where you’ll find Storm Beasts wandering about.

By now, you should have a pretty clear idea of what the strategy is here.

Using the Thief’s Ring stealth perks, you’ll be able to easily use the Storm Ruler’s special attack, and take all of the beasts down in one hit.

You’ll gain a large number of souls and Grass every run.

The King’s Tower Archstone

Grab a bow with a bunch of arrows, as you’ll be needing it to aggro the knights. Once done, warp to The King’s Tower.

Head back from the path you came to fight the Penetrator (Down the stairs). In the distance, you’ll see three red-eyed knights. Shoot only one with your bow by using the aim-mode.

When the knights approach you, they’ll attempt to lunge at you; dodge away and backstab to kill them. Wash, rinse and repeat until all three of the knights are dead.

These three knights will drop Grass every single time (2-3 Grass). All you need to do is farm them for a good 10 minutes, and you’ll be good to go for most of the game.

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