Demon’s Souls Remake Tower Knight Archstone Walkthrough

In this Demon’s Souls Remake guide, we have the complete Tower Knight Archstone Walkthrough for you to take you through the area and defeat the Penetrator boss.

Demon’s Souls Remake Tower Knight Archstone

When you start this area in Demon’s Souls Remake, a short cutscene will play. When it ends, head to the plaza crowded with dead bodies and crows.

When you arrive here, you will be attacked by two dogs. Neutralize them and then head to the empty fountain where you will find four bodies that can be looted.

From the bodies, ‘1x Storied Soldier’s Soul’ and ‘3x Late Moon Grass’ can be looted.

After you are done looting the bodies, move left until you see the stairs. When you arrive at the stairs, some fire boulders will drop down from above, so be sure to move away to avoid taking damage.

The best way to avoid them is to dash towards the left side quickly. After the boulders are gone, use the stairs to climb up.


There will be a body that can be looted for ‘1x Slave Shield’ in the middle part of the stairs.

As you are climbing the stairs, you will face several enemies gathered around ahead of the staircase.

You can defeat them using magic from a distance or use melee by moving closer. After you finish climbing the stairs, another cutscene will play.

In the cutscene, a fat guy leads his companions away from your position, and the portcullis will block your path.

After the cutscene ends, head to the portcullis to find ‘a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes’ and then head to the corridor from where the soldiers came.

Head left and then take the stairs. As you finish climbing the stairs, you will have to fight an Imperial Spy. After you defeat him, go left where there will be some crates.

Smash the crates to find a corpse that can be looted for 1x Unknown Hero’s Soul.

Now use the stairs to head up again. There will be another body that can be looted by jumping from the edge.

This body contains ‘2x Full Moon Grass’. After looting this body, return to where you smashed the crates and then climb the ladder in front of you.

Keep a lookout for archers and move to the right. When you reach the wooden platform, there will be a body there with ‘6x New Moon Grass’ to be looted.

Keep heading forward and drop down to the next platform.

From there, keep moving ahead. You will face off two different enemies, a soldier with a crossbow and an Imperial Spy.

Kill them both and then use the stairs to move up. As you climb up the stairs, another fire boulder will come down from above.

Run back down the stairs to escape it. After the boulder is gone, try to use the ladder again. You will be attacked by another Boletaria Soldier and Imperial Spy.

Defeat them and then head up the ladder.

Keep heading up until you reach a corridor to your right. Kill the Boletaria Soldier there and then keep moving up to the next corridor.

There will be a corpse having ‘1x Slave Shield’ loot. Here, you will also be attacked by an Imperial Spy who you will have to defeat.

After you finish the fight, head on up and defeat the soldiers, you face on the way.

At the top, there will be a gate, and inside there will be a Boletaria Soldier and Red Eye Knight. You will have to defeat them in order to enter the gate.

Near the corner of the balcony, there will be a body that can be looted for ‘1x Unknown Hero’s Soul’. After you defeat the Red Eye Knight and the soldier, enter the room.

There will be some crates in the room. Destroy the crates to reveal a door.

Enter the door and climb up the stairs, which will be on your left. You will find the Dregling Merchant at the top.

Interact with him and then leave the room from the gateway, which is in front of the stairs, which will take you to the balcony where a corpse can be looted for ‘1x Great Sword’.

Now drop down from the balcony to reach the fog door. Enter the door and head right where you will be attacked by another Red Eye Knight.

Defeat it and then keep moving on in the corridor and then turn right to reach the area where you will confront a Fat Official. Kill him and loot his body for ‘1x Iron Ring of Keys’.

Just after the fight, you will also be attacked by an Imperial Spy. Defeat him and then use the stairs to move up, defeating all the enemies you face on the way.

Move to the area where you fought the Fat Official, and to the left, climb the ladder to loot a corpse and obtain ‘1x Storied Hero’s Soul’.

Now come back to the main stairs and head up.  On your way, you will face off against an Imperial Spy and Boletaria Soldier.

Defeat them.

There will also be some crates nearby, which can be crushed to find a corpse that can be looted for ‘5x Late Moon Grass’.

Now move on up the stairs and dodge the boulder thrown at you by the Boletaria soldier.

Kill him and then move on to the corridor on the right.

There will be a fight with a Red Eye Knight there. There will also be a corpse nearby having ‘1x Storied Hero’s Soul’.

Now cross the bridge and fight three Boletaria soldiers. Move ahead into the corridor after you defeat the soldiers.

There will be a corpse behind some wooden furniture that can be looted for ‘2x Full Moon Grass’.

Move ahead and take the left stairs down. Keep moving forward until you reach a big area. You can loot ‘8x Half Moon Grass’ from a corpse here.

There will be stairs heading down here. Use them to find another Fat Official. Kill and loot him to obtain ‘Official’s Cap.’

On your right, there will be a lever, and pulling it will open the gate and save Ostrava from the 2 Red Eye Knights attacking him.

Ostrava will reward you with ‘1x Pure Clearstone’ for saving him. Now start heading towards the Tower Knight Archstone.

As you reach the plaza from where you started the mission, put on the Official’s Cap and move into the alley on the right till you reach an old iron door.

Open the door using the Bloody Iron Key. Move ahead until the end of the corridor and go left to obtain ‘1x Stone of Ephemeral Eyes’.

Now head back to the other corridor and move ahead until you reach an Iron Door. Again, use the Bloody key to unlock it.

Head into the tower and use the stairs to go up. On your way, there will be two bodies to be looted on the last floor containing ‘1x Ring of the Accursed and 1x Ring of Magical Nature.’

Once at the top, you will again face off against a Fat Official, but he won’t attack you while you are wearing the Official’s Cap.

Backstab him and then talk to the Yuria the Witch. She will now be unlocked and available in The Nexus, and you can learn magic moves from her.

Now head down back to the main plaza and this time, take the stairs to the left side and head on right after crossing the iron gate.

You will be attacked by two Boletaria Soldiers. Defeat them and then close by is a body that contains ‘5x Late Moon Grass’ to be looted.

As you move forward, 4 more soldiers will attack you from different directions. Defeat them all and then head to the upper platform to loot a body having ‘1x Unknown Hero’s Soul’.

You will be able to see barricades with a huge number of enemies raring to attack you. You will have to defeat them all.

Near the barricades, there is also ‘1x Legendary Soldier’s Soul’ on the ground that can be looted.

When you come near the group of enemies, a cutscene will play. After the cutscene, you will have to battle the enemies.

Defeat all the enemies and then pass through the fog door to start a boss fight against the ‘Penetrator’.

Defeating the boss will reward you with ‘1x Silver Demon’s Soul’ and clear the Demon’s Souls Remake Tower Knight Archstone area.

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