Demon’s Souls Remake Penetrator Boss Guide

In this Demon's Souls Remake Penetrator Boss guide, we will walk you through the different strats that you can use to defeat the Penetrator

In this Demon’s Souls Remake Penetrator Boss guide, we will walk you through the whole boss fight, how to defeat him, and different strategies that you can use to defeat the Penetrator Boss easily.

In short, we will tell you each and everything related to Penetrator Boss so, let’s get started.

Demon’s Souls Remake Penetrator Boss

Penetrator is a boss in Demon’s Souls Remake, just like the original version of the game.

This Boss is tall, powerful and wears the Knight’s clothes with a long Sword that can cut through even stones.

The Penetrator can be found in Tower Knight Archstone, Tower Knight Archstone being the third level of the Boletarian Palace.


Dodge his sword attacks
Penetrator can become tough to beat if you don’t know his weaknesses and abilities. Penetrator is tall and wields a heavy sword.

His sword attacks are slow and in horizontal and diagonal directions.

He takes his time between swings, thus giving the opponent enough time to catch his breath and heal.

Blocking his attacks won’t be a good option as you will still take damage no matter what you use for protection.

The best way to deal with him is to stay out of his swords reach and attack him between his sword swings.

You will get enough time to strike him a few times after he has attacked you with his Sword.

Let him swing his sword at you and attack him while he is recovering from his aggression.

Use pillars to gain an advantage
Penetrator’s Sword bursts blue colored energy that can instantly kill you if you get impaled by it. So, it is better to stay away from this energy as well.

As mentioned above, his Sword can even cut through stones, so he will probably destroy the pillars in the arena.

Although pillars won’t help you in this fight, but they might slow him down a little thus giving you a chance to heal and apply enchantments.

Use magic and Soul arrows
Penetrator is vulnerable to magic and blunt damage so using offensive magic against him can be a very good option.

Stay away from him and use Soul arrows from a distance.

Homing Soul Arrow can also be used to inflict a great amount of damage to him, but you have to be patient.

Use Firestorm
Firestorm can inflict a huge amount of damage to Penetrator and if you are lucky, you might kill the Penetrator with two or three casts of Firestorm.

For this to work, you will need spices.

The best way to roll behind him when he swings his sword at you and cast Firestorm.

You have to repeat this process two to three times and he is done and dusted.

You have to take your time between attacks to get firestorm ready by eating spices you brought.

Use Biorr as a distraction
Biorr is imprisoned in the dungeons and you can free him by killing the Fat Official.

You will get Iron Ring of Keys by killing the Fat Official that you can use to free Biorr from his cell.

Use Biorr as a distraction during the fight and when the Penetrator is distracted, attack him with Firestorms and Soul arrows but Biorr might get killed if you took too long to kill the Penetrator.

You have to take a huge caution while attacking the Penetrator and not accidentally attack the Biorr.

If you accidentally damage the Biorr significantly or repeatedly, Biorr will turn his attention towards you and will start fighting you instead of the Penetrator and believe me you don’t want that.

Just make sure your attacks don’t hurt the Biorr.

Use Soul Ray
Soul Ray is the more viable option if you are looking to Eliminate the Penetrator from a safe distance without getting much damage.

All you need to do is dodge his attacks and keep using soul ray between his swing attacks.

Use White Phantoms as distraction
You might encounter White Phantoms during the fight. White Phantoms are the players that you cannot interact with.

If Penetrator attacks White Phantoms, you can use this opportunity and attack him with Firestorm, Soul arrows, and Soul Ray and finish him.


Once you have defeated the Penetrator, you will get 35,850 Souls and a Silver Demon’s Soul and earn a “Penetrator’s Trophy”.

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