How to Kill All Visionaries in a Single Day in Deathloop

There are eight Deathloop Visionaries scattered around the island of Blackreef that you need to take out in a single day. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to Kill All Visionaries in a Single Day in Deathloop.

How to Kill All Visionaries in a Single Day in Deathloop

Visionaries will often reward you with new powers, that can be upgraded, and exceptional weaponry. To get all of that, you might have to kill them more than once in the loop.

It is important to note that most Visionaries are only available at certain times of the day. The majority of Visionaries will appear at the same time and place every day, with a few exceptions.

The second task is to eliminate them after you’ve found them, and you can do so in any way you want. Killing Visionaries also drops their Slab which you can pick up to unlock new powers.


  • Location – The Complex
  • Time – Morning
  • Weapon – None
  • Slab – None

Wenjie appears to be in the same location at the same time every day, in her lab at the Complex in the morning. So, finding her is pretty straightforward.

Wenjie does not provide any weapons or slabs, but you must still kill her in order to break the loop. In addition, if you kill her, you will inherit her ability to infuse items.

The infuse ability allows you to keep hold of items, so Wenjie is worth tracking early on.

Killing her, on the other hand, is not so simple. Multiple versions of her will spawn and you’ll have to kill them all in order to get rid of her for good.


  • Location – Karl’s Bay
  • Time – Morning
  • Weapon – Fourpounder
  • Slab – Nexus

As a Deathloop Visionary, Harriet’s position is fixed for the entirety of the game. Once you’ve figured it out, all you have to do is take her out.

By killing Harriet, you will obtain her Nexus Slab, which is very useful. It can link all enemies, allowing you to knock them all out with a single blow.

In terms of the weapon, you’ll get the Fourpounder for sabotaging Harriet. Fourpounder is a weapon that can fire toxic gas-filled bullets that quickly knock down enemies.


  • Location – Updaam
  • Time – Evening
  • Weapon – Dual Limp SMGs
  • Slab – Kinesis

If you’re looking for telekinetic abilities, Aleksis is the ideal candidate. In Updaam, he can be found at the Dorsey Manor at noon.

He is one of the Visionaries who are difficult to spot. The catch is that everyone at Dorsey Manor will be wearing wolf masks, making it impossible to spot him in a crowd.

You have two options for locating him. The first option is to try to find his mixtape, and the second is to turn off the drink faucets so that only bottled beer is served, which he dislikes.

You should seek out his weapons, which have the ability to heal you while damaging your enemies, which will come in handy when things get tough.


  • Location – The Complex
  • Time – Evening
  • Weapon – High Zoom Rifle
  • Slab – Aether

In the evening, Egor can be found at the back of the complex. He’ll be carrying out some experiments. Turning off his device and disrupting his experiment is the best way to get him to come to you.

That’s not the only place where you can find him. If you can’t pull this off, simply wait for him to appear at Aleksis’ party, where you can try to take him out.

As a reward for killing Egor, you will receive an Invisibility Slab called Aether, as well as the High Zoom Rifle, which is useful for long-range.


  • Location – Updaam
  • Time – Noon
  • Weapon – Strelak 50-50 Shotgun
  • Slab – Shift

Charlie can be found in Updaam at Noon. He’ll be playing an RPG, which makes him a relatively easy target. After killing Charlie, you will receive his Shift slab, which allows you to teleport anywhere you want.

With the slab, you can also obtain his shotgun, which launches projectiles at enemies to slow them down. The shift slab and shotgun make a lethal combination that is worth having.


  • Location – Fristad Rock
  • Time – Noon
  • Weapon – Pepper Mill Machine Gun
  • Slab – Havoc

At noon, Fia can always be found at Fristad Rock in her base. Proceed with caution because if Fia spots you, she will activate the reactor, causing the area to explode in less than a minute.

Therefore, it is recommended to hunt her down with the Aether and Shift slab equipped.

When you defeat her, you will receive the Havoc Slab in addition to her Pepper Mill machine gun, which causes bleeding.

Ramblin’ Frank

  • Location – Fristad Rock
  • Time – Morning
  • Weapon – The Constancy Automatic Pistol
  • Slab – None

Ramblin’ Frank will be in his house at Fristad Rock in the morning. Track him down in his home while Hackamajig is equipped. You’ll want to be as quiet as possible.

You won’t get any slab for killing him, but The Constancy Automatic Pistol will suffice because it can fire without needing to reload as long as you have ammo.


  • Location – Anywhere
  • Time – Anytime
  • Weapon – Any
  • Slab – Any

Julianna will appear at any time and in any location to kill you. If you’re playing offline, she’ll be an AI character, but if you’re playing multiplayer online, she’ll be one of your friends who will invade you.

One way to identify her is that she will be acting strangely, so keep an eye out for players who are acting strangely around you.

If you kill her, you will receive a random weapon and at least two slabs, as well as a good number of trinkets.

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