How to get Slab Upgrades in Deathloop

In this guide, we'll be showing you How to Get Slab Upgrades in Deathloop that you can use to augment your assassination techniques

The new deadly action game by famed developers Arkane Studios, Deathloop, is about killing eight targets in a single day. In this guide, we will be discussing the powerful tools called “Slabs” and how to get Slab Upgrades in Deathloop.

How to Get Slab Upgrades in Deathloop

Assassinating eight targets might sound simple, but it takes a lot of practice for you to bring substantial improvement to your performance.

Before we dive into the mechanism and upgrades of these Slabs, let’s discuss what these tools do.

Deathloop takes you on a deadly adventure where the primary purpose is all about dying and gathering knowledge and experience which you can use to improve your gameplay.

One of the helpful tools that help you through this brutal journey is called “Slabs”. These Slabs will help you teleport, go invisible, and take down multiple targets at once.

There’s a lot more offered by Slabs and their upgrades. Let’s discuss how you can unlock these tools.

How to Acquire Slabs in Deathloop

There are two ways you can unlock Slabs.

Killing Juliana

The first method is by Killing Juliana when she is using the specific Slab you want. If you’re offline, then the Slab that Juliana is carrying will be random. So it depends on your luck what Slab you’ll obtain after killing Juliana.

Remember that the Slab that Juliana drops will entirely depend on what you carry in the invasions.

Killing a Visionary

This is the most common method used by players to unlock Slabs. Almost every Visionary has a Slab associated with it.

Killing one of these will also acquire you the trinkets and Residium the Visionaries will be carrying along with their Slabs. Additionally, there are specific Slabs that you can obtain by killing certain Visionaries.

Charlie will give you Shift. Egor will provide you with Aether. Fia gives Havoc. Aleksis gives Karnesis. Harriet gives Nexus.

Colt can use two slabs at once, and you’ll have to decide what abilities will work the best for you. If you want to be violent, then Karnesis and Havoc are the best options.

On the other hand, Shift and Aether are terrific options if you’re planning to attack the enemies without too much noise. Colt also harbors his Slabs which cannot be removed. These give you two extra lives per level.

How to Get Slab Upgrades

Multiple upgrades may drop for a single Slab. So you might need to kill someone multiple times in order to collect all their upgrades.

Acquiring Slab Upgrades is the same as how you get the Slabs themselves. After killing a visionary, an upgrade will also drop for the Slab that you own.

Same implies for the Slabs that drop by killing Juliana. Juliana will drop a necessary upgrade, so keep an eye out for that. Remember to infuse the upgrades that you gain with Residumm to avoid losing them forever.

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