Kojima Productions Trademarks “Social Strand System”, A Death Stranding Companion App?

Seems like Kojima isn't just developing Death Stranding but is also working on something called "Social Strand System" and "Strand Game".

Hideo Kojima isn’t in the mood of revealing Death Stranding release date any time soon. However, seems like Kojima isn’t just developing Death Stranding but is also working on something called “Social Strand System” and “Strand Game”.

What is “Social Strand System” is not known. It could be a companion app for Death Stranding, however, this is just speculation. Given how Hideo Kojima incorporates different ideas in his games, it wouldn’t be surprising if Kojima intends to release a social app for Death Stranding when it releases.

But, this “Social Strand System” for Death Stranding might be an integral part of the game. According to Norman Reedus, the game is way ahead of its time and features social media elements.

It’s so ahead of its time, and there’re elements of social media in it, and the idea is that… So many games and so many parts of millennial culture are being alone in a room, and you lose contact – physical contact – with people. This is after that and the re-establishing of that physical contact. It’s super, super interesting.

If I have to guess then it seems that Hideo Kojima intends to release a companion app for Death Stranding featuring a “Social Strand System”. This companion app might allow players to invade other players’ game sessions and cause trouble.

But, this is just speculation so take it all with a grain of salt until Kojima Production confirms what “Social Strand System” actually is.

This wouldn’t be the first time a game will release with a companion app. Games like Watch Dogs and Destiny 2 also launched with their respective companion apps.

In Watch Dogs, the companion app allowed app users to cause trouble in their friend’s game session. Destiny 2 companion app allows users to check up on their clans, loot, and other stats.

Hideo Kojima has a reputation of messing with its players and I wouldn’t be surprised if this “Social Strand System” for Death Stranding is an app that allows gamers to mess with other players.

As for when the game will release, many were expecting the game to launch in 2019. However, Hideo Kojima has confirmed that Death Stranding won’t launch in 2019 as it’ll take a while.

Also, we are yet to see any Death Stranding gameplay but, Kojima did showcase 2 hours of gameplay to Guerrilla Games.

On the other hand, Kojima has revealed why he is so secretive about the game. According to Kojima, people nowadays get information very easily and he doesn’t want this with Death Stranding. He likes it when people imagine and speculate about the things they don’t have answers to.

Nowadays, all the answers are out there. You search and find information. But to me, it’s more interesting when people can imagine.

Death Stranding is an action-adventure game in development at Kojima Productions exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitter

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