Death Stranding to Not Release in 2019, Kojima Says “It’ll Take a While”

Hideo Kojima has shutdown all the rumors of Death Stranding 2019 relese date rumors saying that the game will take a while.

Death Stranding isn’t releasing anytime soon as “it’ll take a while” according to Hideo Kojima. This puts an end to all of the rumors regarding the game’s release in 2019. Death Stranding being a PlayStation 4 exclusive, no one, except Sony and Kojima, know the actual release date.

Hideo Kojima recently took it to Twitter to promote Mads Mikkelsen (who plays a big role in the game) and his new upcoming movie, Arctic. In between doing all that, the director of Arctic movie, Joe Penna, took advantage of the moment by asking Metal Gear Solid series creator that “does it mean that I get to play Death Stranding now?.

In reply, Kojima denied all of the Death Stranding release date rumors as he said: “It’ll take a while, but meanwhile I hope everyone enjoys the film”.

Now, this looks like Kojima is trying to diverge attention from the recent rumors in order to surprise everyone. This will also help Kojima Productions to finish and refine the game further without getting everyone’s hopes high any further. Another possibility is that Kojima is secretly hinting at the possible release of Death Stranding in 2020.

The Tweet assures us that the game is not coming out anytime soon. If it really did, we would at least know what is Death Stranding about.

In case you don’t know, Kojima is a master at building pre-release hype by doing a lot of teasing, dropping random information about his projects and through cryptic messages. There are only a few people that have seen the actual Death Stranding gameplay.

Kojima Productions likes to do things in a different way. Recently we saw the team going to Cory Barlog and Guerilla Games to show some exclusive footage instead of showing it to the fans who will actually play it. However, after all of the reactions from Guerilla Games, it’s safe to say that it’s absolutely amazing.

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