Hideo Kojima On The Lack of Information About Death Stranding; “I Like When People Can Imagine”

There is a serious lack of information and too much mystery surrounding Death Stranding. Hideo Kojima’s latest project has taken cryptic marketing to another level by not even sharing many of the basic elements about the game. We don’t know much about its gameplay, story, and when it is actually going to come out.

Hideo Kojima explained the lack of information about the game in an interview at G1Brazil. He stated that he leaves clues for players to figure out and once the game comes out, everyone will have all the answers. However, prior to the game’s release Hideo Kojima isn’t interested in handing out clear answers to the players.

According to Hideo Kojima, he likes when players can imagine, discuss, and speculate.

People are connected to the internet, they debate and we observe all this. And that’s my hope, that’s my wish. Let the people have these discussions.

For example, in a mystery novel, there is a murder, a murderer, and readers would have to find out who the murderer is only at the end of the book. But now you have an information distribution infrastructure that makes it very easy to figure out who is to blame. But I do not find it fun, I do not think it entertains.

“Nowadays, all the answers are out there. You search and find information. But to me, it’s more interesting when people can imagine. ”

And there are different ways of doing this without delivering all the answers.

“Me and the players are connecting all over the world, exchanging different ideas, and we are going to build together the enthusiasm around ‘Death Stranding’. This is the relationship I want to develop with them. “

Hideo Kojima has shown the game to various developers and publisher around the industry. According to Joe Penna, Death Stranding isn’t like anything he has seen.

Death Stranding discussions are running wild around the internet. There is no clear answer about its gameplay design, story, and release window. Kojima Productions is working on the PlayStation 4 exclusive since Kojima parted ways with Konami.

A number of teaser trailers are released for Death Stranding revealing new characters and gameplay tidbits. Death Stranding release date is scheduled within the next two years.

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