How To Find And Complete Shooting Range In Dead Space

The Shooting Range is a mini-game in the Dead Space remake that you can complete for various rewards. Just be wary of the Necromorphs.

In Dead Space, most of your time will be spent battling Necromorphs and other monsters while you fight to survive on the USG Ishimura. In addition to fighting for your life, there are some other activities that you can take part in, such as playing some mini-games. Doing so will unlock achievements and give you some valuable loot from them, which we know is hard to come by in Dead Space.

There are two mini-games in Dead Space. The first mini-game is the firing range and it features standing behind a line and shooting targets, just like in real life. The next mini-game is the Zero-G basketball.

The firing range gives you the Crackshot achievement and gives loot as you progress through the levels. We will be looking into the ways you can find and complete the Shooting Range in Dead Space Remake.

Where to find the Shooting Range

The Shooting Range mini-game is found well into the game in Chapter 9: Dead On Arrival. In this chapter, Isaac goes to the USM Valor. Your main objective is to get the singularity core and come back to the Ishimura and use it on the escape shuttle.

In Chapter 9 you will find the Armory. In the Armory, after clearing the Divider, its parts, and exploding Necromorph, there will be a small walkway.

This will be in front of the door you just came from with a shooting range in it. The shooting range will have a small panel in front of it to start the mini-game in Dead Space Remake.

How to beat the Shooting Range

The Shooting range has 9 holograms from which the targets emerge and you have to shoot them. The firing range has 5 levels with different rewards and harder difficulty as the levels go forward.

The rule is to hit as many red holograms and spare all the blue holograms. Each hologram will gain or lose 100 points. Each level has a goal of certain points that you have to achieve.

It is better if you have a Plasma Cutter or a Pulse Rifle with you. The projectile of these guns travels faster than the line gun whose bullets have some delay.

Try to stand a little back so that you have an easy view and don’t have to swing a lot from side to side. The rewards which you receive are random ammo in the first two levels.

In the third level, you will get a Medium Medical Pack. In the fourth level, the prize is a Ruby Semiconductor and in the fifth level, you will get the Power Node after completing it.

When you have completed the mini-game after completing level 5, the mini-game will reset to level 1. You can play the mini-game again, but you will not be able to get more prizes after level 5.

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