How To Unlock Z-Baller Achievement In Dead Space

Beating all 6 levels of Zero-Gravity basketball is how you unlock the Z-Baller achievement as well as various rewards in Dead Space.

If you are looking to take a break from dismembering Necromorphs, you can become a Z-Baller by playing some Zero-Gravity basketball in Dead Space.

There is a Zero-G Gym located on the USG Ishimura that allows you to take part in a basketball mini-game. The rules are simple. You need to float from one platform to another to snatch a floating basketball and then maneuver it into a hole for various rewards. It is, however, not as easy as it sounds.

Zero-G basketball has 6 levels to complete and each level becomes harder to beat. You will unlock a reward for completing each level and completing all 6 levels will unlock the Z-Baller achievement in the new Dead Space remake.

Where to find the Zero-G Gym in Dead Space?

The Zero-Gravity basketball gym is located on the Crew Deck. This is an unmissable location but keep in mind that you will need to reach Chapter 10 before being able to shoot hoops to become a Z-Baller.

How to play Zero-G basketball

To start playing Zero-G basketball go to the basketball court in the Zero-G Gym and wait for basketballs. When the game begins, a timer will start in front of you, and below it, you will observe four hoops colored blue, yellow, green, and red.

There are a couple of things that you should do before starting Zero-G basketball. This is to ensure that you are not disturbed and that there are no obstacles in your path.

The first step in playing Z-Ball is making sure that no Necromorph is lurking around to hinder your performance in the game. You can do this by killing all the Necromorphs present nearby.  

While playing, you have to grab the floating ball using your Kinesis ability. To make sure that you don’t grab onto anything except the ball, you have to get rid of all the debris present there.

Take the correct position

After you have cleared the area of Necromorphs and debris, you have to start positioning yourself at the best spot. Ideally, you would want to stand at a distance neither too close nor too far from the hoops. This will allow you to aim your kinesis directly at the ball and grab it.

Adjust your aim sensitivity

In the Controls menu, you can adjust your aim sensitivity and stick sensitivity. An ideal value, to begin with, is 50 for the mouse sensitivity but it is suggested that you adjust it according to your personal preference for the best gameplay.

Aim at a glowing hoop

While it’s not necessary to always aim at a glowing hoop, doing so doubles your points. Throwing the ball in a hoop grants you 5 points, and they double for a glowing hoop. This is how a professional Z-Baller does it.

Jump on the right platform

Before grabbing the ball, platforms light up for you to jump on. Out of the 4 platforms, a maximum of three can light up simultaneously. You should avoid jumping on platforms with a red glow and prefer jumping on platforms with a white glow.

Z-Ball rewards

As the game starts, there are six lockers in the room each of which unlocks as the player’s level progresses in the minigame. Following are the rewards you unlock for each level.

Z-Ball LevelReward
Z-ball Level 1Pulse Rounds
Z-ball Level 2Contact Energy
Z-ball Level 3Force Energy
Z-ball Level 4Credit (1200)
Z-ball Level 5Ruby Semiconductor
Z-ball Level 6Power Node

The maximum possible level is Level 6 and reaching it requires at least 220 points in the game. When you reach level 6, you unlock a hidden bronze trophy achievement called the Z-baller.

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