Dead Island 2 Weapon Rarity Explained

Dead Island 2 offers you loads of weapons in varying levels of rarity. The rarer the weapon, the better it is. Read to learn about the weapon rarity!

When playing Dead Island 2, you will come across several unique weapons to wield, ranging from melee to ranged. Each weapon has its own rarity that makes it unique and distinct from other weapons. The rarer the weapon, the better it’ll be.

Therefore, knowing your weapon rarity should be your main focus since this knowledge will make you more effective and allow you to annihilate hordes of zombies. Today you will learn how the weapon rarity works in Dead Island 2.  

How does Dead Island 2 weapon rarity work?

Dead Island 2 breaks down its weapons rarity chart into five categories with each category denoted by a specific color for its recognition. Below we have arranged the rarity of each category along with their denoted colors.  

  • Improvised: Starting with the weakling of the category which is Improvised and marked as White.  
  • Common: Above that, we have Common which is marked Green.  
  • Rare: Rare weapons are marked with Blue. 
  • Superior: These weapons are slightly better than rare weapons and are denoted by Purple.
  • Legendary: The last category is Legendary which is above all weapon categories and denoted by Orange. 

As mentioned before, the rarity of each weapon you carry will affect its performance as well. If your weapon lands in the Improvised category of the rarity chart in Dead Island 2, then it will perform minimum damage due to being the weakest weapon type on the list. The rarer your weapon is, the more perk slots it will have.

Uncommon weapons have 2 perk slots while Rare weapons have a total of 3 perk slots. Both Superior and Legendary weapons have 4 perk slots each. 

Initially, you will start the game with Improvised and Common weapons. But luckily as you progress through the game, you will start receiving Superior and Rare weapons as random loot.

For Legendary weapons, you must progress through different missions. One such mission involves getting Curtis’s House Keys which grants you access to several useful weapons of a higher rarity.

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