Dead Island 2 Curtis’ House Key Location Guide

In Dead Island 2, Curtis' House is one of several locations that you can visit but to unlock it you will need Curtis' house keys.

Taking out zombies with the plethora of weapons the game gives you is the meat and potatoes of your experience in Dead Island 2. These weapons are found all over the map such as in Curtis’ Mansion. To enter this place, you will need a set of keys aptly named the Dead Island 2 Curtis’ House Keys.

Finding these keys will be a bit challenging for you. But fret no more because we have meticulously gone through the process and written it down to make it easy for you. Read on to learn more about how you can find the Dead Island 2 Curtis House Key.  

How to get Dead Island 2 Curtis’ house keys 

You cannot get the keys to Curtis’ House through exploration alone. The house keys are rewarded to you for completing the The Death of the Party ques. This will be the first side quest you will take part in.

The objectives of this quest are fairly simple; all you have to do is protect Curtis’ Mansion from the invading horde of zombies. To initiate the side quest, visit the exact location marked on the Dead Island 2 map below: 

Once at the location, interact with the intercom and agree to save Curtis by clearing the house full of zombies. After the conversation, head inside through the open gate leading to the mansion. Head left where the sign says, “Guests This Way” and reach the garden area where you must clear the area filled with walkers.  

Here you will find Curtis on the mansion rooftop next to the Guest House. After interacting with him, head down the stairs to the left of the Guest House leading to the power supply room.  Do note that there is a walker inside.  


Take care of the walker and restore the power of the residence by picking up the water can outside the supply room. Then throw it onto the broken electrical wires to restore the electrical supplies. Talk to Curtis once again and head to the main entrance of the Mansion where you can enter from.  

Once inside, have a brief chat with Curtis and kill the horde of zombies in the hall. After clearing the area, follow Curtis to the dining room to complete the death of the party side quest. You will receive the house keys as a reward for completing the quest, a new skill deck card, 1,000 XP, and 1 x Golf Club.  

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