Dead Island 2 Nikki Boss Fight Guide

In Dead Island 2, Nikki boss fight will have you take out a screamer zombie that can paralyze you. Here is how to safely defeat her!

In Dead Island 2, Nikki Gutte is a boss who has the deadly ability to deliver shockwaves with her screams. What’s worse, her screams will attract all the nearby zombies leaving you with no space to attack. 

She can also paralyze players, preventing any counterattack. Defeating her is possible but you will have to approach the position tactically. Fighting her is required to progress through the main story mission called Justifiable Zombicide, and here is how you can do it.

How to defeat Nikki in Dead Island 2 

Beware of her Scream 

In Dead Island 2, Nikki is the first zombie that you will encounter with the ability to scream. With screams, she can emit shock waves that can easily put you down on the ground. They will also slow you down AND attract any nearby zombies. These zombies will continue to spawn no matter how many of these you cut down. The best thing to do in this case is to focus on Nikki and avoid them.

Stay behind Nikki to avoid her attacks. 

Nikki mostly attacks towards her front which means you can find some reprieve if you stick to the rear. Even if she hits you with her screams, you will have some time to land a couple of melee hits. 

She doesn’t have any special attacks other than the screams. She’ll do a random swipe with her arms is all that she has like any random zombie. But you can easily block it with little problems.

Increase movement speed with Block Button 

As you know, her screams will slow you down as they hit you. However, there is a way to counter that, by using your block. When she hits you with her screams, press the block key which will negate the slow to an extent.  


The increase in speed will be enough for you to approach her and attack. Similarly, attacking her will disrupt her screams. 

Use Charged Attack and Curveball to disrupt her Screams 

In Dead Island 2, Nikki’s screams can be easily disrupted if you use a charged attack on her. Another way you can hinder Nikki’s movement is by throwing curveballs at her. 

There are several Curveballs that you will collect as you progress through the game such as Electric Stars, and Shurikens. Both of these Curveballs can be thrown from long distances. Meatball Curveballs are useful for distracting zombies giving you an opening to get in close. 

You can also throw your weapon at her to interrupt Nikki’s. This strategy will work regardless of the distance.  

Heal yourself when you get a chance 

The fight with Nikki will take a toll on your health as there will be times when you will be cornered by zombies. As such, keep an eye on your HP and keep it high as possible. 

As you progress through the game, you acquire different Skill Cards which can heal your HP fast. Otherwise, a slow, auto-heal is always an option which is still better than nothing. 

Move to a new area 

During the fight, you can avoid the swamp of zombies by moving to a new area such as the upper floor. You can then continue the fight there as Nikki will follow there while the zombie will take time. Eventually, you will be able to land enough hits which will get rid of her. 

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