Dead Island 2 Missing: Nadia Quest Guide   

In Dead Island 2 Missing Nadia quest, you are tasked with tracking Nadia down and putting her out of her misery. Here is how to complete the quest!

In Dead Island 2, Missing Nadia is an optional Missing Person quest and part of Lost and Found that requires you to pick up various clues and follow them. Nadia’s quest is rather interesting as she is reported missing by no one other than herself! 

Nadia got bitten by a zombie and preferred to confine herself in seclusion. You are tasked with finding her using a scattered pin code that you need to track down while playing through the Missing: Nadia quest in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Nadia Quest Guide 

Nadia’s Dead Island 2 Lost and Found quest can be accessed by interacting with her missing person poster on the Serling Hotel missing person’s wall.  

Go to Hotel Serling 

To begin Nadia’s missing person quest, you need to go to the Missing Person wall in Hotel Serling in Ocean Avenue and look at the bottom left where Nadia’s poster is present. Interact with this poster by taking it off the wall.

The poster will mention her name, the last location where she was seen, and her wish to be killed if no other solution is found. 

Fast Travel to the Metro  

As the note mentioned, Nadia is present in The Metro – Utility Storage which you can reach via Fast Travel Map. Once you are at the location, continue North and follow the red quest marker which will lead you to Nadia’s locked room. 

Pick Nadia’s Map 

Outside the locked door, look to its right and you will see a handmade map posted on the wall. This map will tell you that the code you need to enter Nadia’s room is hidden in four different locations which are marked by Xs on the map.  

Collect the four digits 

The four digits of the code are painted on the walls in blue. You need to find each digit and collect it to complete the code but there is no need to memorize them or collect them in order. Their locations are marked on the map below: 

For the first digit, move south from the Utility Storage and look to the left of the door where you will see a ‘0’ painted in blue. 

The second digit can be found by entering a train carriage guarded by a zombie. Look at the roof of the train and you will discover an ‘8’ painted on it. 

For the third number, head east from where you found the 2nd number and look for the digit ‘2’ painted on the wall. 

Now head west toward the ventilation shaft while keeping an eye out for the zombies in the way. At the end of the corridor, you will find a pillar with the fourth and last digit ‘6’ painted on it.  

Go back to Nadia’s room 

Now that you have all four digits to Nadia’s lock, you need to go back to the room where you found the map. As soon as you approach the room, it will be unlocked and you will come across Nadia in the form of a Screamer Zombie.  

Kill Nadia and collect the rewards 

As Nadia has already turned into a zombie, there is nothing that can be done besides putting her out of her misery. After killing Nadia in Dead Island 2, you will acquire the following rewards: 

  • 2500 XP
  • Superior Ranged Impactor Mod, the blueprint for a weapon modification 
  • Nadia’s Thank You Journal 
  • Nadia’s Hearing the Call note 

To obtain the last two notes mentioned above, you need to go inside Nadia’s room and look at the table on the left. This is everything that needs to be done to complete Nadia’s Missing Person quest in Dead Island 2. 

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