Dead Island 2 Laundry Room Key Location

In Dead Island 2, the Laundry Room Locker key is one of the many keys you need to find to open different lockers and crates.

In Dead Island 2, the Laundry Room key is a key item required to unlock a locker in the Halperin Hotel. As the name suggests, this locker is in the laundry room. This Key is dropped by a specific zombie whom you have to kill.

The Laundry Room locker is located on the second floor of the Halperin Hotel. To get to the locker, you must go upstairs and enter the hallway in the hotel. You must find the pink neon sign and head inside the laundry room from there. Here is how you can do it.

How to get the Laundry Room Locker key in Dead Island 2

The laundry room locker key is on the Wedding venue outside the Halperin Hotel.

But you must complete one requirement before getting the laundry room locker key. You must complete a main mission Plumbing in the Depths, in Dead Island 2. Once you complete this mission, you can search for the key.

Now, from the location of the laundry room locker, head back and downstairs to the ground floor. Exit the hotel entrance, and when you do that, head right towards the wedding venue.

Inside the wedding venue is a zombie called Karaoke Bridesmaid. This zombie is holding the key to the locker. Kill the zombie to obtain the key, but be careful, as you might get caught because other zombies can attack you immediately.

Once you get the key, head upstairs into the laundry room to open the locker. You will get an Electrocuter Pole Saw with a 499 power stat when you open the locker in Dead Island 2. That is all you need to know about finding the Dead Island 2 Laundry Room Locker key.

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