How To Defeat Alesis Hernandez In Dead Island 2

Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2 is a boss who loves to spit out caustic sludge so defeating him requires range and we can help with that

In the early hours of Dead Island 2, you will head to Monarch Studios to look for Michael as part of Michael Anders and the Holy Grail main quest. You eventually find Michael but before you both can leave the area, you are attacked by a rather large and obese boss, Alesis Hernandez. Dead Island 2 Alesis Hernandez boss is your first introduction to the Slobberer zombie type.

The fight against Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2 takes place on a movie set filled with caustic sprays and flame jets while being overlooked by a giant mechanical spider. If you are struggling to kill Alesis or not sure how to move around the arena, let us help you out.

Getting familiar with your surroundings

To defeat Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2, you must use the arena to your advantage since it’s set up in a way that can be very useful.

As mentioned before, the arena consists of a mechanical spider that can spit spider venom, secondly, the area surrounding the petrol pump has panels and you can use them to call rain or fire to your advantage.

The panel in the middle triggers the spider venom, the panels on the right and left side trigger flames in specific areas around the petrol pumps. The panels for the rain are also on both sides but a bit farther away from the fire panels.

You will also notice a panel in the room on your right. This panel can activate the destruction of the van on the backside. However, you can only use this panel once and it is recommended not to blow up the van, instead use it for your cover.


The best weapons for defeating Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2 are the ones with high head damage such as; Club, and Axe. Weapons with fire, bleed, and shock mods are the best choice for defeating Alesis. The use of pipe bombs and chem bombs is also very useful since you will be able to deal damage from range.

How to defeat Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2

The most effective strategy is to play aggressively by making an opening for yourself. As soon as the fight starts Alesis will start making the caustic semi-circle around him to force you to stay at a distance. So your first attack needs to be the pipe bomb and the chem bomb along with the mechanical spider venom.

If you don’t have those, you can also use the Rain FX panels to clear out all the caustic sludge he spewed. This way you can get close to Alesis in Dead Island 2 and deal damage with weapons.

The chem bomb will slow down Alesis and you can use the slow-down period to wreak havoc on him with a mod weapon and get as many head hits as you can.

When the effects from the chem bomb start decreasing you must take cover and use the arena to your advantage by drawing Alesis into the fire and once your chem bomb is recovered, repeat the same process. Remember to avoid the caustic projectiles at range, they can deal very high damage.

Alesis doesn’t move much and typically stays in the middle of the area and out of the range of all the fire and caustic attacks. But you can lure him closer to those traps with a bit of practice and patience. Get close to Alesis, land a few hits and then run away.

He will chase you for a few steps so you need to make sure you are running towards the traps. Once Alesis is within range, you can activate the traps and do a bit of damage.

Once you damage Alesis enough, he will drop down on his knees. This is your chance to deal maximum damage but be careful. After standing up Alesis will attack a lot faster and a horde of zombies will also start to appear.

This is the perfect time to use water sprinklers and then hit the zombies with a shock weapon. This should create a permanent trap on the ground that will damage and stun any zombie nearby. Make sure you are keeping your distance from Alesis, afterward, find an opening and kill Alesis doing maximum head damage.

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