Dead By Daylight Sales Reach 3 Million Copies Across Every Platform

Dead By Daylight sales have reached 3 million since the game came out in 2016, across all three of its different platforms.

The number of Dead By Daylight sales on all of its different platforms has reached 3 million copies. The game is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and has been out since June of 2016, and has reached around 3 million copies in just over a year. Not as fast as PUBG, but still pretty fast.

Dead By Daylight is a team-based multiplayer game that is essentially a playable horror film. Players must take on the role of four different survivors and attempt to start up generators and escape from an enclosed area. All the while they’re hunted by a crazed killer who aims to sacrifice them to a sinister being called the Entity.

The game has a wide variety of different killers to use, whether they’re original creations of the developers or killers from classic horror genres such as Michael Myers of the Halloween movies, Freddy Krueger of the Nightmare On Elm Street films, Leatherface of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and more.

Each of the killers also has different abilities, such as setting traps, teleportation, passive effects on the survivors, and more. These killers have been released regularly ever since the game was first launched, and hopefully they won’t slow down.

Despite the game mainly having just that one gametype going for it, players have apparently been buying it because they find getting scared out of their pants entertaining, not to mention all of the different ways that you can play as each killer.

So long as the developers can keep coming up with unique killers and cool areas, Dead By Daylight sales have nowhere to go but up. if you want to contribute to all of these Dead By Daylight sales, then you can buy the game on Steam or on the Playstation or Xbox stores now to try it out for yourself.

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