Darksiders 2 Sidequests Guide

A guide that covers all the optional sidequests in Darksiders 2 that you can undertake as Death to aid the NPCs you meet and gain some loot

It isn’t easy being Death. You have all kinds of murderous monsters trying to give you a taste of your own medicine. It’s understandable that you might want to stop by the roadside and smell the flowers every now and then, or perhaps do favors for people. Here’s a guide to the optional Darksiders 2 Sidequests to help you aid them.

Darksiders 2 Sidequests

The Lost Soul
Location: The Eternal Throne; Tri-Stone
Reward: XP and Gilt
Recommended Level: None
You receive this quest when you talk to Nathaniel after the fight with the corrupted angels. He asks you to take a scroll to the Eternal Throne.

Once there, give it to the Chancellor (you’ll receive another side quest: ‘The Chancellor’s Quarry’), then go talk to Muria at the Tri-Stone. (Muria will give you the ‘Spark of Life’ side quest when you do this)

The Soul Arbiter’s Maze
Location: Soul Arbiter’s Maze
Reward: Pillager
Recommended Level: 20+
After completing Nathaniel’s quest you’ll be given the Chancellor’s side quest. You are required to traverse the perilous Soul Arbiter’s Maze.

Do so and you’ll be faced with the mighty Soul Arbiter himself. Defeat him and claim his crown. Take the crown to the Chancellor to complete the mission.

For a guide on the Maze itself, click here.


Shaman’s Craft
Location: The Forge Lands (Various Areas)
Reward: Grim Talisman
Recommended Level: None
Muria gives you two side quests. The first of these is when you first speak with her at Tri-Stone. ‘Shaman’s Craft’ has various objectives that you can fulfill as you the Forge Lands. Here’s how to do them:

Speak with Karn outside of the Cauldron to advance the quest.
Kill the Stalker inside the Cauldron as part of the primary walkthrough. You’ll obtain the Stalker’s Bone.

Speak with Karn as you leave the Cauldron to advance the quest.
Kill Stingers as you travel through the Fjord on your way to the Drenchfort. You’ll obtain Mordant Dew.

Speak with Karn outside of The Lost Temple to advance the quest. Kill Construct Sentinels as you explore the area. You’ll obtain a Carven Stone.

Return to Muria and trade in your materials to receive the Grim Talisman—an excellent item that helps Death to quickly build Reaper Energy.

Spark of Life
Location: The Scar
Reward: XP and Gilt
Recommended Level: 15-20
The second side quest you receive from Muria, you get this when you finish Nathaniel’s side quest. She asks you to explore a dungeon called the Scar, found just south of the Charred Pass. Defeat the Boss ‘Ghorn’ and you’re set.

Light of the Fallen
Location: Earth
Reward: Sunder
Recommended Level: None
When you get to good old Earth, you’re asked to help the angel Uriel, and her Hellguards repel an invasion. Afterwards, she asks you to go around the city and euthanize 10 Hellguard warriors being held in torturous traps throughout the city.

You need to explore city anyway as part of the main quest, so might as well keep an eye out for the poor shmucks. Simply kill the ten angels then report back to Uriel.

Thane’s Quest
Location: Tri-Stone
Reward: More Quests
Recommended Level: 3-5
At Tri-Stone is a Maker named Thane, who you can challenge to a fight. If you defeat him, he’ll offer you 4 more side quests where you’ll be hunting some of the biggest baddies out there.

Thane will be a pain in the neck until you’ve progressed to at least the first dungeon, but becomes laughably easy by the time you’ve finished Drenchfort.

Find and Kill Gorewood
Location: The Weeping Crag
Reward: Gorewood Maul
Recommended Level: 10-15
The first quest Thane gives you after you beat him. Gorewood is an a massive earth golem with a bad attitude. He lives in the Weeping Crag; you’ll find him in the vale beyond the Stalker’s den.

You will have to go fast and nimble on this guy, as his attacks do a ton of damage but are slow. For a detailed walkthrough, refer to our guide.

Find and Kill Bheithir
Location: The Nook
Reward: Bheithir’s Talons
Recommended Level: 15-20
The second quest after you’ve beaten Thane, this time it’s a giant magma phoenix named Bheithir that you need to slay. You’ll find him flying around in the basement area of the Nook.

Deathgrip over to the basement’s broken walkway, and Bheithir will land and combat you. There’s little room to maneuver, so use Teleport Slash to zip past Bheither and strike from behind.

Unleash Reaper Form to ensure this great fiend’s demise. For more details refer to our boss guide.

Find and Kill Achidna
Location: The Pyschameron
Reward: Achidna’s Fangs
Recommended Level: 15-20
The third quest after Thane, Achidna is a monstrous spider that Death must combat at the end of the Psychameron.

This is a mandatory battle and part of the main adventure, so you end up completing this side quest during the course of Death’s main quest.

Find and Kill the Deposed King
Location: Lair of the Deposed King
Reward: Scepter of the Deposed King
Recommended Level: 20+
The last one you need to kill; Argul is a towering skeletal warrior who resides deep within the bowels of the Lair of the Deposed King. Though you are able to explore this side dungeon early in the game in the Kingdom of the Dead, attempting to do so at such a low level is an exercise in futility.

The Hammer’s Forge
Location: The Shattered Forge
Reward: XP and Gilt
Recommended Level: 8-12
You can do this quest after you’ve finished the Drenchfort and restored the Maker Forge. You’ll need the Deathgrip though, so there’s no point in attempting it until you have it.

Once deathgrip equipped, go to the Shattered Forge and face the side dungeon. You’ll find Valus’ lost hammer, Splinter-Bone in it. Return it to Alya for many goodies.

The Book of the Dead
Location: Various Areas
Reward: Access to four treasure-filled Death Tombs
Recommended Level: None
Search high and low for the lost pages of the Book of the Dead. Every ten pages you collect completes a chapter. Return each chapter to Vulgrim and he’ll give you special keys that open the Death Tombs found in each of the realms.

Every tomb boasts its own spread of precious valuables. Check out our Book of the Dead Pages Guide for the locations of the pages and the contents of the Tombs.

Sticks and Stones
Location: Various Areas
Reward: Guillotine
Recommended Level: None
Speak with an immobile construct named Blackroot during your first trip through the Fjord. The friendly construct will bestow a side quest upon you that involves the collection of special gemstones called Stonebites, which are hidden all around the realms.

Blackroot empowers Death’s pistol, Redemption, with the power to draw in the energy of these special stones. Shoot all seventy Stonebites to acquire their energy, and then return to Blackroot to receive a mighty pair of scythes in reward.

Read our Stonebites Locations Guide for all the help you need to complete this side-quest.

Wandering Stone
Location: The Forge Lands (Various Areas)
Reward: XP and Gilt
Recommended Level: 5+
Another stuck construct to help out this time. Clear the Drenchfort to restore the Maker’s Forge and obtain the Maker’s Key, and then swim to the end of the Fjord’s harbor and use the Maker’s Key to awaken the slumbering construct, Oran. The Giant being asks you to retrieve him his lost limbs.

Ride around the Forge Lands in search of Oran’s missing limbs. Approach each one and press the Action button to awaken it and send the limb hopping or crawling back to Oran. Return to Oran after awakening all four limbs, and the newly-repaired construct will hand you a unique talisman in thanks.

Oran’s missing limbs are located in:

  • The Fjord, along the path to the Drenchfort.
  • The Shadow Gorge, just beyond the watchtower gate.
  • Baneswood, just before you reach the Charred Pass.
  • The Scar, just outside the dungeon’s entrance.

Lost Relics
Location: Various Areas
Reward: Abyssal Gauntlets
Recommended Level: None
You’ll find him in the Kingdom of the Dead, Ostegoth the humble merchant, asks him to seek out a number of precious Relics that have been scattered throughout the realms.

Find and return all thirty of these lost baubles to Ostegoth, and the savvy trader will reward you with a unique prize of remarkable craftsmanship.

Read our Relics Locations Guide for all the help you need to complete this side-quest.

The Lost Stone
Location: Lost Temple
Reward: Wandering Stone Side-Quest

Once you gain your freedom in the Lost Temple, you are offered a quest to locate a Warden who was lost long ago by the warden whose name is Oran.

Oran can be located near Fjord across the body of water who will give you the Wandering Stone side-quest.

The Maker’s Chronicle
Location: Near Fjord, obtained from Oran
Rewards: EXP and Gilt

After acquiring the quest go to Muria who will ask you to find Shadow Seeds in The Fjord. Kill prowlers and stalkers until you find all the six seeds. Take these seeds to Muria who will in return give you a Lodestone.

Now travel to Baneswood to search for The Maker’s Chronicle. This specific item can be found in the alcove in the upper middle area, west of the Nook entrance. Take the chronicle and you will gain EXP and Gilt for finishing the quest.

Location: The Forge Lands, Kingdom of the Dead.

The Bloodless are a type of monsters which are partially invisible looking like something out of the Shadow Realm. You will find these complicated creatures in various locations where they will be walking in circles.

Since the Bloodless are immune to any of your direct attacks you are going to have to employ alternative methods.

The bloodless can be killed using Wrath attacks such as Reaper Storm or your execution chance stat. You can also use the Bloodless Talisman you got from Draven, which allows you to kill Bloodless normally if you are close enough to them.

Lost and Found
Location: Forge Lands
Rewards: Gauntlets of Savagery

This quest can be obtained from Karn who will ask you to get back three lost items from various dungeons found in the Forge Lands.

Once you have the quest head to The Cauldron and then the second floor, where you will find Karn’s Silver Platter on a table sharing the room with the timed lava bucket puzzle, right before the boss. After grabbing the platter, return it to Karn to finish this objective.

The second part of the quest can be started after completing Fire of the Mountain. You will find Karn standing in Stonefather’s Vale and will ask you to recover his lost helmet. Karn’s helmet can be found in The Drenchfort, on the first floor in the room housing the Earth Crag mini-boss on a table.

After acquiring the helmet, return it to Karn, which will then result in Karn re-locating himself to the Lost Temple, for which you are going to need The Maker’s Key.

The third part of Lost and Found can be started if you have completed Tears of the Mountain. You will find Karn at the lost temple where he will ask Death to find his lost compass.

Karn’s compass can be found at the Lost Temple’s 1st floor in a garden with two chests; you will find it resting on an archway in the center. Return the compass to Karn to complete the quest.

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