How To Farm Gold Fast In Darkest Dungeon?

In Darkest Dungeon, you will need gold for all your buying needs and thus will need to know how to farm it. This guide will teach you.

Darkest Dungeon challenges you to manage two (in-game) currencies: gold and heirlooms. Gold keeps your heroes healthy and battle-ready, while heirlooms fuel the growth of your Hamlet, the hub where you train, heal, and provision your heroes.

While completing dungeons is the primary way to earn both currencies, maximizing efficiency requires specific strategies. Note that you cannot purchase or sell heirlooms. This requires you to manage this resource correctly, like refraining from spending many heirlooms on the wrong upgrades or purchasing the wrong heroes to limit your gameplay.

If you waste your resources on irrelevant upgrades and heroes, it might hinder your progress, but it does not mean the game is over. The game gives free heroes every week, so you can continue grinding and earning your way back into the game.

The following guide will tell tips and tricks to help double the amount of gold and heirlooms you can farm in the Darkest Dungeon.

Run dungeons with Antiquarian

Antiquarian is one of the playable classes in the game. She is also the weakest hero you can pick for your party. However, the Antiquarian has some special passive abilities that make her perfect to farm gold in Darkest Dungeon.

Having an Antiquarian in your party will allow you to loot minor and rare antiques from enemies and curios. Each minor antique is worth 500 gold. On the other hand, each rare antique fetches 1250 gold when you return to Hamlet. Note that you need your Antiquarian to interact with curios to drop antiques.

Secondly, an Antiquarian increases the gold stacks in your inventory from 1750 to 2500 gold, allowing you to carry more gold from a single dungeon. Adding another Antiquarian to your party will increase your gold stacks further by another 750 gold, and so on.

You can create an Antiquarian party to run apprentice dungeons (levels 1-2) without concern. The trick here is to create a fresh party of heroes from the Stage Coach and run them until they either die or become too expensive to treat. Then create another party to continue farming for gold.

Do torchless runs

Running dungeons at lower light levels increases your loot chances. Extinguishing your torch for Black as Pitch runs will give you a 30 percent chance of finding more gold and items. A torchless dungeon run will make enemies stronger, but you will also get more loot from defeating them.

Do note that moving around in the dark carries a small chance of being ambushed by a Shambler, a fairly difficult Eldritch mini-boss.

Ditch some of your provisions

It is common to run out of space in medium or long dungeons. When that happens, consider ditching some of your provisions to make space for more gold stacks or items to sell later on.

For example, halfway through a dungeon, you might not need the remaining torches or bandages. Your provisions only sell for a small fee after returning, so there is no point in bringing them back.

Find the secret room

Every medium and long dungeon has a chance of having a secret room. You will need a hero with a good scouting chance to discover the secret room. Inside, you will find Puzzling Trapezohedrons that can fetch 3500 gold each.

Sell your extra trinkets

Keep playing Darkest Dungeon for a dozen hours, and you will eventually find yourself with several trinkets. You will not be using all of them, so sell them for gold.

Also, if you have multiple rare trinkets, sell the extra ones unless you plan to have three Vestals in your party.

Build a bank

If you have The Crimson Court DLC, build yourself a Bank as soon as possible to earn a 5 percent interest each week on your saved gold. This is a quick and easy way to increase your gold yield. As you add more gold to the bank, the amount that accumulates interest also increases, and so does the interest rate. So the more gold you farm in Darkest Dungeon, the more you will earn.

Town Events

Learn how to complete town events, as a few events in the game help you farm a ton of gold. However, such events involve facilities, like items like “Lost and Found”, which is a free weapon upgrade or “Caregiver’s Convention”, which is a powerful event because you can use your Sanitarium for all your quark stuff for free.

Some events give you free gold, while others give you building upgrades, which can lead you to save more money. To run a town event, visit the expedition map and look at the medium missions. Usually, they are the gather and activate missions; they either come with one town event, which is bonus XP and damage in that region for the next town or expedition, and the other one is usually something saving money.

So, the caregiver’s convention can happen naturally, or you can trigger it yourself. These events also give you bumper crops and free provisions for the next mission. Therefore, if you’re looking for gold, check out town events.

Learn what the Curio do

There are various curios in every region, and they give you either gold, heirlooms, or gems. Learn which ones give you what, and then learn what can be used to activate them. There are far too many curios, but in terms of gold, the ruins and coves are most beneficial. Note that the curios and the ruins and coves are filled with chests, clams, dead fish, and corals that can be used as medicinal herbs to remove negative quirks that help you save a ton of money.

Infinite Gold Glitch in Darkest Dungeon

When you go to Provision, every class brings their stuff, like Hell Master’s biscuit, Grave Robber’s shovel, or Plague Doctors’s antidote vial, but we can’t sell these items. But if you’ve more than one class character, they will each bring their chosen item. Each week, the game gives you new characters of the same class; you can search for new characters from the .JSON file on your PC.

Say you want to have three or four grave robbers; you can search for Keewatin, Sypher, and Dorian Drokk. Now, you need to put in your cracked team of Grave Robbers and go to Provision. You will have four shovels; you can sell two to three shovels for gold. This is an expensive item to sell.

After selling the shovels once, return to provision, and you will have four shovels again and sell them again. You can keep on doing this over and over to get infinite gold.

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