Dark Souls 2 Souls Farming Guide – How To Farm

In Dark Souls 2, farming souls is one of the most important things in the game. Everything you want to do whether it is buying stuff from Merchants or repairing your weapons/shields requires you to have souls.

Once you die by any means whatsoever, you will lose all your souls, which can be retrieved by traveling back to the same location and acquiring a small green orb. However, if you fail to obtain that green orb and die in the way, all your souls will vanish permanently.

Furthermore, unlike the original Dark Souls, enemies tend to vanish after being killed a specific number of times, which restricts your ability to use them for farming.

However, with a few items at hand, you can not only make enemies spawn but also, increase the number of souls gain for each kill. The items that you need are:

  • Bonfire Ascetic
  • Covetous Silver Serpent Ring
  • Jester’s Gloves

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Bonfire Ascetic is basically thrown in the Bonfire which tends to increase the difficulty of the spawned enemies. These enemies will not give you a challenge but also, drop more souls.


Another way of acquiring more souls is wearing Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, which increases the soul gain.
As for the Jester’s Gloves, they also work like Covetous Silver Serpent Ring by increasing the number of soul gains for each kill.

Once you have gained all these items, you can start farming at any Bonfire of your choice, but I would recommend going for the Bonfire in the Dragon Shrine.

Once you get to the Dragon Shrine Bonfire, toss in the Bonfire Ascetic in the fire to increase the difficulty and make the enemies spawn. After that, equip the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and Jester’s Gloves.

You will encounter around 14 enemies in this location and each of them will drop in 4500 souls; meaning you will earn about 60,000 souls per round.

Keep on repeating this process until enemies cease to appear, and you will have around 500,000 souls at your disposal. Furthermore, remember not to throw more than one Bonfire Ascetic, you have been warned!

Once you complete the Dragon Shrine area, head over to any other Bonfire and farm to your heart’s content.

Have any other farming techniques that you would like to share with us? Mention them away in the comments below!

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