Dark Souls 2 Estus Shards and Sublime Bone Dust Locations ‘Estus Flask Upgrade’ Guide

Where to find all Dark Souls 2 Estus Shards and Sublime Bonus Dust to upgrade Estus Flask to increase its healing capacity and uses.

Those who have played the Dark Souls will know the importance of Estus Flasks as the healing items carried by NPCs & Merchants.

Similar to Dark Souls, players can carry a specific number of these flasks in Dark Souls 2 and these are replenished after resting at a Bonfire.

But unlike Dark Souls, in this sequel, Estus Flasks can be upgraded by Estus Shards and Sublime Bone Dust.

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Dark Souls 2 Estus Shards Locations

Estus Shards tend to increase the number of functionalities of Estus Flasks while Sublime Bone Dust increases the amount of healing done by a single flask.

In this guide, I will be covering some locations of Estus Flasks and Sublime Bone Dust that I have come across. And I would urge you to share if you have come across any other location other than mentioned below:

How to Get the Estus Flask
After beginning the game, you need to head over to Majula. Keep on going straight until you get to the Bonfire. Turn to your right and you will come across a woman standing there. Talk to that woman and she will provide you with the Estus Flask to facilitate your path through Drangleic.


Estus Shard #1
Location: While you are roaming in Majula, head over to the largest house with a well outside. You will notice a rock tied to the pulley-block. Smash it and the Estus Shard will emerge out of the well.

Estus Shard #2
Location: To get this Estus Shard, you will need to get a key from Cale. Once you have obtained this key, head over to the Mansion to use it and get the Estus Shard.

Forest of the Fallen Giants

Estus Shard #3
Location: To get this Shard, you will have to defeat The Last Giant. Once you have got the better of him, head over to Cardinal Tower and take the stairs from the left of the Bonfire to use the key. Go through the crowded room and you will get the Shard.

No Man’s Wharf

Estus Shard #4
Location: After ringing the bell, you will come to the opposite side of the wharf with a bunch of buildings. At the lowest level of the rocks, head inside the building on your left and open up a chest at the very end of this building to get this Shard.

The Lost Bastille

Estus Shard #5
Location: In order to get this Shard, you will need to obtain the Antiquated Key. Once you have acquired it, get to the shimmy ledge and drop down to get to a hidden platform. Use the key to open up the chest and claim your reward.

Harvest Valley

Estus Shard #6
Location: Just before you encounter the Covetous Demon, head to the ledge in the water and at the very end of the path, you will come across a body. Search the body for the next Shard.

Shaded Woods

Estus Shard #7
Location: Once you use the lever to get to the area, head over to the cubicle on your right to spot this Shard.

Estus Shard #8
Location: While in the Shaded Woods, you need to head inside the room where you encountered Ornifex to spot this Shard.

Brightstone Cove

Estus Shard #9
Location: Before heading inside the Mist to encounter Prowling Magus Boss Fight, head to the left of the area and the Shard will be located at the very end.

Estus Shard #10
Location: This Shard is located right adjacent to the Lower Brightstone Cove Bonfire.

Drangleic Castle

Estus Shard #11
Location: Head over to the Central Castle Drangleic Bonfire and, while on your way, turn to the right to find this Shard right behind a wall that you can break through.

Shrine of Amara

Estus Shard #12
Location: Head over to the Sunlight Blade and look for 3 soldiers patrolling the area near Ceumble Ruins Bonfire. Take out these soldiers and look right behind them to spot a chest containing the last Shard that I’m aware of.

Dark Souls 2 Sublime Bone Dust Locations

Heide’s Tower of Blue Flame

Sublime Bone Dust #1
Location: Kill the very first Dark Knight of this area following by heading up the stairs. You will notice a dead body hanging there. To get the Sublime Bone Dust, simply loot this body.

Huntsman’s Copse

Sublime Bone Dust #2
Location: Before you encounter the Chariot Demon, you need to look for it on a ledge located on your right side.

Sinner’s Rest

Sublime Bone Dust #3
Location: After taking down the elevator to the water level, you need to head to your left to spot the shining dust far away.

Black Gulch

Sublime Bone Dust #4
Location: Once you have taken out The Rotten, enter the nearby tunnel and make your way to the right side. Far in distance will be a chest containing the next Sublime Bone Dust.

Iron Keep

Sublime Bone Dust #5
Location: After you have taken out the final boss of the area, thoroughly explore the area for the last Sublime Bone Dust.

If you are familiar with any other locations of these upgrades, do tell us in the comments below!

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