Dark Souls 2 NPC Phantoms and Invaders Soul Signs Locations Guide – How To Summon

Know where to find all the soul signs of Dark Souls 2 NPC Phantoms and Invaders. Know how you can summon these friendly NPCs to assist and which locations you should be careful because of invading NPCs.

In addition to Soul Signs left by other players in Dark Souls 2, certain NPCs can be summoned at specific locations to assist you in a battle. Unlike the Soul Signs left by other players, these NPCs (Which are referred to as Battle Comrades) can be summoned while playing the game in offline mode.

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Dark Souls 2 NPC Phantoms and Invaders Locations

Read on to know the location of each of these NPCs.

Summoned NPC Phantoms

Lucatiel of Mirrah
How to Get: In order to get her, just exhaust her dialogue after meeting her for the first time.

No-man’s Wharf
Behind the one-way gate on one side of No-man’s Wharf which can be accessed by a rooftop with 2 Varangians.

The Lost Bastille
She will be there at the very bottom of elevator in Sinner’s Rise.

Iron Keep
She could be summoned outside the Smelter Boss room.

Black Gulch
Summon her in the Hidden Chamber Bonfire room.

Mild-Mannered Pate
How to Get: Get the White Sign Soapstone from Mild-Mannered Pate.

He can be summoned outside the Last Giant Boss room.

Pilgrim Bellclaire
It can be summoned in one of the cells aligned in the alleyway leading to the Ruin Sentinel Boss from The Tower Apart Bonfire.

Manscorpion Tark
How to Get: Exhaust his dialogue while equipped with Ring of Whispers.

You will find his Soul Sign outside Scorpioness Najka Boss Room in the Shaded Ruins.

Melinda the Butcher
How to Get: Defeat her in The Gutter.

In Dragon Shrine, her Soul Sign can be found on the right after the first set of stairs leading to Ancient Dragon Boss room.

Benhart of Jugo
How to Get: Rescue Rosabeth and exhaust his dialogue.

Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Look for him in the tents around the Royal Army Encampment Bonfire.

King’s Passage
It will be right outside the Looking Glass Knight Boss’ room.

Memory of Jeigh
Head down the stairs from the Captain Drummond’s Soul Sign to spot this.

Throne of Want
It will be right next to the Mist in Throne of Want.

Head of Vengarl
How to Get: Exhaust the dialogue.

Dragon Shrine
It will be right outside the Ancient Dragon Boss room.

Throne of Want
It will be right next to the Mist in Throne of Want.

Lone Hunter Schmidt
Look for this Soul Sign right outside the Boss Room in Black Gulch.

Masterless Glencour
This Soul Sign can be found outside the Dragonrider Boss room in Heide’s Tower of Flame.

Ashen Knight Boyd
Look for this Soul Sign right opposite the Duke’s Dear Freja Boss room in Brightstone Cove Tseldora. It will be on a pillar.

Grave Warden Agdayne
How to Get: Exhaust his dialogue after meeting him.

Look for this Soul Sign located on the left of the Velstadt Boss room in the Undead Crypt.

Captain Drummond
How to Get: Exhaust his dialogue after meeting.

This Soul Sign is very hard to miss and is located right outside the Giant Lord Boss in the Memory of Jeigh.

Felicia the Brave
Her Soul Sign can be found engraved in an empty hut near the Shrine of Amara.


Invaders can be considered as opposite to Battle Comrades as they tend to hinder your journey by appearing at specific locations. And just like Battle Comrades, they can appear while playing the Offline Mode.

Rhoy the Explorer
He will appear in the Grave of Saints near the ravel leading to the upper floor.

Bowman Guthry
He will appear near the Rat King’s area in the Doors of Pharros.

Melinda the Butcher
While in The Gutter, you will have to jump down from a Wooden Tower to get to a Chest containing Ring of Soul Protection. She will spawn right above you.

Peculiar Kindalur
He will appear right outside the cave having Rhoy’s Resting Place Bonfire in the Shrine of Amara.

Aslatiel of Mirrah
Just as you will come out of the front door of Aldia’s Keep, she will spawn in the alleyway.

Vorgel the Sinner
While in The Lost Bastille, as soon as you drop down the ravel to get below the Upper Ramparts Bonfire in Belfry Luna, he will appear.

Merciless Roenna
While in the Huntsman’s Copse, she will appear right next to the Skeleton Lord Boss’ area.

Dragonfang Villard
In the Dragon Shrine, she will appear in a room (with the Petrified Dragon Egg). The room will be on top of a large spiral staircase.

Licia of Lindelt
How to Get: You must make her move to Majula first. (Heide’s Tower of Flame)

Drangleic Castle
She will invade you in a room before encountering two Imperious Knights.

Undead Crypt
While in the Rotunda, use the Crushed Eye Orb.

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan
How to Get: Free Navlaan from the ground floor of the Manor by pulling out a lever.

Aldia’s Keep
Get invaded in the room with the second Ogre before encountering the Guardian Dragon Boss.

The Gutter
Right next to the Upper Gutter Bonfire.

Brightstone Cove Tseldora
It will be in plain sight right outside the Writhing Ruin.

Drangleic Castle
Navlaan will invade you in the lower floors of the Drangleic Castle.

Dragon Aerie
You will be invaded on the midway to Dragon Aerie.

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