Dark Souls 2 Pharros Contraptions and Lockstones Locations Guide

Where to find all the pharros lockstones to unlock Dark Souls 2 pharros contraptions for hidden treasures and great rewards.

The legend has it that the Pharros’ Contraptions were made by Pharros the Vagabond in order to help those who tend to seek it.

These Contraptions vary in shape and sizes but, are full of hidden treasures and rewards. However, a Lockstone is required to unlock a Contraption. Read on to know the location of each Lockstone and Contraption in the game.

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Dark Souls 2 Pharros Contraptions and Pharros Lockstones

Phaross’ Lockstones Locations

Lockstone #1
Location: The first key can be bought from Merchant Hag Melentia.

Lockstone #2
Location: This key can be found in the Majula. Once you have acquired entrance to the Mansion. Head over to the Library and look for it on a corpse behind a bookshelf.

Lockstone #3
Location: In order to get this key, you must have The Silvercat Ring equipped. Once you have equipped it, head over to the well in the middle of town in the Majula to get it off a corpse.


Lockstone #4
Location: While you are in the Sinner’s Rise, do not go through the door to commence the boss fight. Instead, take the door on your left and the key will be inside.

Lockstone #5
Location: While in the Huntsman’s Copse, drop down from the wooden bridge to get on a pillar with a corpse holding the key.

Lockstone #6
Location: In Earthen Peak, you need to head over to the Laddersmith and pay him with 2,000 souls and Twinkling Titanite to receive this key.

Lockstone #7
Location: At the very center of the Earthen Peak, there will be a crossbow-trapped chest with the key inside it.

Lockstone #8
Location: While fighting the Royal Rat Authority boss fight, you will notice a bunch of rats who will keep on respawning until you have taken out the boss. Keep on killing these rats and, you will eventually get this key.

Lockstone #9
Location: Once you get to the Shaded Wood, take out the guards and head to your left to get it off a corpse.

Lockstone #10
Location: This key is found as a starting item for Explorer class.

Lockstone #11
Location: This key can be acquired by joining the Rat King Covenant and killing the intruders. Alternatively, you can also get this by being summoned as a Grey Phantom to serve as an intruder to the Rat King Covenant.

Lockstone #12
Location: After you have taken out the Royal Rat Vanguard, keep on going through the tunnels and you will get it below a large hanging skeleton.

Lockstone #13
Location: You need to steer right from the Black Gulch Bonfire which will get you to a small cavern. Check the corpse to find the Lockstone.

Lockstone #14
Location: After coming down the Spider Web Pit to one floor, get to the opposite ledge and smash the vases to get this key.

Lockstone #15
Location: While near the Brightstone Cove Bonfire, come out of the building near the sandpit and take the first left door. Smash the vases inside to get this key.

Lockstone #16
Location: Head over to the Shaded Ruins Bonfire, followed by getting inside a building situated to the left of the grassy incline. Smash the barrels to receive this item.

Lockstone #17
Location: While in the Shaded Wood, take up the stairs to the left of Gecko Enemy to find it on a corpse.

Pharros’ Contraptions Locations

Contraption #1
Location: This key can be used in the Forest of Fallen Giant – Cardinal Tower. Once you are near Pate, you will enter a room with an arbalest trap which can kill you (if you are low on health). Drop down a ladder from the inside of this room and use the slab inside the visage of a man. Enter the secret room and grab Titanite Slab and Chloranthy Ring.

Contraption #2
Location: While in the No-man’s Wharf, you will come across a number of staircases inside the hill. Take a right from the first set of the stairs and, after you have taken out a bandit with his dog, look for this Contraption on the ground. This will illuminate the whole area to scare off the enemies.

Contraption #3
Location: The purpose of this key is to lower down the bridges in the Grave of Saints.

Contraption #4
Location: To use this key, head over to Servant’s Quarter Bonfire in The Lost Bastille. Directly below this Bonfire, there will be a fake wall which opens up a new passage to Belfry Luna.

Contraption #5
Location: This key can be used as a source of light in the long alleyway of Aldia’s Keep.

Contraption #6
Location: You can use two keys in the Iron Keep which can be used to disgorge water from the small swimming pools so that you can get wet and clear the lava sequence to obtain treasures and rewards.

Contraption #7
Location: Just before entering the area for the first boss fight, the Contraption will be located at the very bottom of a room with poison-fog. This Contraption will provide you with Poisonbite Ring.

Contraption #8
Location: In Earthen Peak, near the second boss fight, you will be able to pour out the poison into a swimming pool. This water will gain the tendency to heal you.

Contraption #9
Location: The hidden area where Twinblade is located in The Lost Bastille has this Contraption. The rewards are Soul Vessel and Wilted Dust Herb.

Contraption #10
Location: At the very start of the Dragon Shrine, you will take out the first Knight and look for the Contraption on the floor.

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