How to Make Money in The Cycle: Frontier

Are you having a hard time trying to make money in The Cycle: Frontier? Well, worry no more! In this...

Are you having a hard time trying to make money in The Cycle: Frontier? Well, worry no more! In this guide, we’ll share all the tips and tricks on how you can earn money consistently and quickly in The Cycle: Frontier. So without further ado, let’s begin.

How to Make Money in The Cycle: Frontier

If you’ve started your Cycle: Frontier journey, you may already know how important it is for you to be stacked up on money or credits and using it for purchasing a new weapon, updating previous weapons, armor upgrades, and even buying a vehicle to move around quickly.

The game environment around you is brutal, and if you don’t have your guard up, other Cycle Frontier players and mobs may kill you and easily wipe you out for loot. Below we’ve listed all the recommended methods to make money in the game and use it for your weapon and armor upgrades.

Surviving Till You Level Up

Our first tip is for players who have just started playing the Cycle: Frontier and are figuring out how to cope with its mechanism.

During the starting level, players don’t have reliable weapons or gears that they can use to defend against stronger players or mobs in the game. Nor do they have enough resources that they can trade them for.

Therefore, before you level up, we recommend you play the game lowkey and avoid contact with other players. This way, you can get the loot from the extracting point without being bothered about getting killed and level up slowly.

Then, as you level up, you can finally butt heads with other players, fight for the loot you deserve, and trade it for weapons and gears you like.

Farming Minerals

Once you’re on an appropriate level, you can start farming for minerals. These are an excellent resource for getting yourself high-quality gear and materials you would usually get with lots of money. Players can find these minerals scattered around Bright Sands and Crescent Falls areas.

The ores you should be focusing on while entering these areas are the Brittle Titan Ore and Titan Ore. When you acquire these ores, you can get your hands on the green gear, which is pretty expensive in the game, and help you level up in the game to stack up on some more money by participating in future runs.

To find these ores, the first location we recommend you is to visit the northern route located on the north side of your game map.

Start your way from the east caverns and slowly progress your way through the north. The upper level of the east cavern contains three ores, whereas the lower level has two ores.

Once you have these farmed, go ahead and look around for minerals in the area. There will be resources such as titan, nickel, focus, and velticites. These are great resources for trading lots of money and investing it in whatever equipment you prefer.

Make sure you’re checking the cave near the Wood Cutter camp as you move forward; it has a total of five titan ores.

As you approach the waterfall, there will also be a cave here. Find the entrance, and here you’ll find a total of four titan ores alongside a medical case. Moreover, as you move forward, you’ll also find a mine key, which is the key to an abandoned mine with 13-15 titan ores and other goods.

You can also find a cave nearby the abandoned mine, and here you’ll be able to find a total of 7 titan ores. We also recommend exploring around more in the nook and crannies as there are chances of a stash of resources lying around waiting to be collected.

As you leave this cave, go to the dig site, and here you’ll find about 5-8 minerals. Now move forward to the southern route to find more resources. Start from where the swamp is and walk towards the collection point. Here you’ll find a cave entrance that has 2-4 titan nodes.

Now further away from the cave and you’ll find another one just near. Here, you’ll find about 4-5 titan nodes. Upon acquiring all of these resources from the run, you can trade them and have about 25 to 30 thousand Space Rubles.

Kill AIs

One of the fastest ways to get credits apart from farming them runs in the game is to kill any AIs you see while you’re out on the run or having fights. Killing them guarantees the drop of credits, and sometimes if you’re lucky, they’ll drop more than usual.

Whenever you spawn into a match, you’ll have about 4-5 AIs in the field that you can kill. The more AIs you kill, the more amount of credits you can get that can be later used for weapon upgrades.

Completing Contract Requirments

In Cycle Frontier, players can sign up for veldt sight contracts where they are required to protect the underground mine drillings from the AIs, and upon doing so, they receive credits.

Moreover, there are requirements such as delivering certain items or undertaking specific actions. As players do so, they’ll be rewarded with credits they can exchange for weapons, vehicles, and gears they like.

Drone Launch

If you’re playing co-op, we recommend you do the drone launch; you’ll get points for completing the drone launch contract and get another contract upon its completion. Moreover, during the drone launch, a tone of AIs will spawn, meaning killing each of them entails massive credit earnings.


Explore bridges and cliffs with outlooks to find chests. These locations usually have the most spawn rate for chests, and upon acquiring them, you can get credits, weapons, and abilities.

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