The Cycle: Frontier Tips

The Cycle: Frontier often gets described as a massively multiplayer competitive shooter. The game features a cross of both PvE and PvP. While you may think that AI-controlled enemies are easy to deal with, your ego will certainly be tested when it comes to facing actual human players.

Hence, it never hurts to know about a few tips to gain an advantage over your opponents in The Cycle: Frontier. The following guide will walk you through what you need to know to stay ahead of the competition.

The Cycle: Frontier Tips

If you want to reach the end-game content as quickly and as efficiently as possible, there are some important tips and tricks you need to know.

If you’re a new player, learning these tips will give you a great headstart which will allow you to stay ten steps ahead of your competition right from the get-go. Even if you’re a veteran, you’ll still benefit from most of these tips as they will remain useful no matter how deep you are into your The Cycle: Frontier playthrough.

Communication Is Important!

In a massively multiplayer game like The Cycle: Frontier, you can never know what to expect on the battlefield. It can also become difficult to know exactly what is happening across the map.

Hence, the importance of communicating with your allies at all times. Relaying crucial information like where enemies are holding up or where you are heading to will allow a group to function as a single entity. This will also increase your chances of getting extracted.

The best way to communicate is through the Push-To-Talk Voice option, which is set to your “T” key by default. If you hold down the T button, you’ll be able to talk to players in your vicinity.

If you don’t have a mic or are unable to use it for some reason, there’s no need to worry as you can communicate using the F3 and Alt buttons.

When you press F3, you’ll have two options. You can either put down a symbol of peace or a symbol of war. Use it appropriately.

When you press Alt, you’ll have several different dialogue options to choose from. You can make your character say phrases like “Help! Or “Don’t Shoot” to players.

Equip Melee To Run Faster

For veteran FPS gamers, this will be an obvious tip. But a lot of players new to the FPs genre will likely have no idea about this mechanic.

In The Cycle: Frontier, the weight of your weapon slows you down while running. This is directly tied with your stamina management. Since you’ll be doing an excruciating amount of running in this game, you’ll want to move from one destination to another in the quickest way possible.

The easiest way to increase your movement speed in The Cycle: Frontier is to simply equip your melee weapon or a tool. The light weight of the melee/tool will allow you to run much faster.

You can also further improve your stamina by equipping only one heavy weapon, not two.

Use Scopes To Mask Your Footsteps

When you crouch and move in The Cycle: Frontier, you make very loud and noticeable sounds. If you’re trying to sneak behind a player, you will announce your position beforehand if you are noisy.

There’s a work around to this problem. If you equip a gun and open its scope, you’ll be able to creep around without making any sound.

For this strategy, the 4x Scope is the best one to use as it gives you the most vision by allowing you to see your peripheral.

Crouch To Regain Stamina Quickly

Running out of stamina and having to wait an eternity for it to recharge is one of the most annoying things you’ll have to face in the game. But there’s an easy way to speed up the process of recharging stamina in The Cycle: Frontier.

All you need to do is stay crouched while your stamina is recovering. This will recharge your stamina significantly faster than if you were to stand while recharging instead.

Use The Tutorial To Practice

If you want to learn certain areas of Bright Sands without having to deal with other players, the tutorial is the way to go.

The tutorial can be played infinitely and it allows you to explore different areas of Bright Sands without being bothered by anyone. By playing the tutorial, you’ll become familiar with the ins and outs of the entire map, which will help you become better at playing it in multiplayer.

Do Multiple Faction Contracts At Once

When it comes to leveling up factions for their rewards, an efficient way is to pick up three missions at once. This will save you valuable time and grind. Remember to hold on to your items so that you can submit them to complete missions as soon as they become available.

Use Gear Salvage And Upgrade Supply Crate

Head to your Income Generator and get your Aurum Generators and Supply Crates upgraded as quickly as you possibly can.

Aurum will allow you to use Gear Salvage instead of Standard Insurance when you drop into a raid.

Gear Salvage is one of the most important features of the game. Gear Salvage is a special type of insurance that you need to use for items that cannot be bought at the station.

If you have Gear Salvage on an item and you die in a raid (dropping that item), you will get the item back at your Income Generator, but only if a player did not get extracted with your item.

You can then pair this up with the Safe Pocket Capacity option in your inventory. You need to upgrade it as much as possible as it’ll allow you to guarantee the safety of some of your items during raids.

If you use the Standard Insurance on the item instead, you will just receive some K-Marks as compensation for it. The item will be forever lost and you’ll have to find it all over again.

The Supply Crate Generator will give you new items for free every day when you log into the game. You can click on the Supply Crate to see all of the possible items you can obtain from it every day. The more you upgrade the Supply Crate, the better loot it will drop for you.

Remember To Repair Your Armor

When you complete a raid in The Cycle: Frontier, you may become overzealous and jump right into another raid. This would be a big mistake.

Each piece of your armor set in the game has a durability level. When you take damage from other players, your armor’s durability will quickly wear down and it will eventually break.

If you hop from one raid to another without repairing your armor, you will likely break your armor set and become extremely vulnerable in the second raid. So make sure to repair your armor at the Repair Station before every raid.

Remove Heavy Breathing

This tip is arguably one of the most life-changing tips on this list. Whenever your character starts to run out of stamina in The Cycle: Frontier, they start breathing extremely heavily; making jarring sounds while they do so, which are audible to enemies.

If you’re like us and you’re tired of listening to your character breathe so heavily, you can actually remove the sound altogether.

To do that, go to Settings, navigate to the Audio section, and decrease “Dialogue Volume”. Once you’ve done that, the sound of your character’s heavy breathing will be reduced a lot.

Do note that you shouldn’t decrease the Dialogue Volume all the way to zero, as it will completely remove all the dialogue audio from the game; which will make it hard for you to communicate with players.