Cyberpunk 2077 The Space in Between Walkthrough

The Space in Between is the 4th main quest in Act 2 of Cyberpunk 2077. Here is how to complete it and what you must do.

The space in between is the 11th main story mission in Cyberpunk 2077 in the Westbrook, Japantown region, only if you have completed the Automatic Love quest. This quest requires you to find Evelyn, who planned the heist that killed V and his best friend.

You can begin the mission by calling Judy or investigating Jig-Jig Street; this is where your mission begins. You must investigate every shady place in the region to find Evelyn.

This walkthrough will walk you through every step in the Cyberpunk 2077 The Space in Between mission.

Head to Jig-Jig Street

Fast travel to Jig-Jig Street. Once there, your first job is finding Fingers’ MD Clinic. You will meet some thugs stopping you from going inside. So you have to talk to them to enter.

If you don’t wish to talk to the thugs, you can enter the clinic by climbing up the bin on the left side and breaking through the window, or you could go down the path and find a door that requires Body Point 5 to break inside.

Talk to Fingers

Once outside the clinic, head upstairs, and you will meet Judy outside Fingers’ office. If you have 7 points of body skill, you can either wait to talk to one of the joytoys sitting outside or break into the office.

After you meet Fingers, interrogate him about Evelyn Parker or punch him in the face and get the information quickly. Once you attack him, he will tell you that two beefers from a BD studio took her and something about “a moth of all things, virtues with the death’s head.”

Once the interrogation ends, you will get a cottonmouth placed on a table near the door from where Judy leaves in The Space In Between in Cyberpunk 2077.

Talk to Judy

Knock Fingers out and head out to talk to Judy. She will share her idea of tracking things down using the NPC domain, while you can call Wakaka and meet her in Jig-Jig Street.

Ask Wakaka about the XBDs with Death’s head moth and the braindance, she will tell you about the store in the Jig-Jig Street with recordings of the braindance.

Visit the store next to Wako’s Parlor and talk to the owner about braindance. He will tell you about the XBD dealer in the streets. You will find the dealer in a narrow street talking to a man in Cyberpunk 2077.

Ask the dealer about the brain dance, purchase some from him, and return to Judy, who is waiting for you in the van.

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