Cyberpunk 2077 The Damned Walkthrough

Recruit Alex and set the Journey to find Songbird.

During the main playthrough, you will take The Damned Quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. This quest will involve recruiting a former op known as Alex to your cause to find another mission character. That will happen to be Songbird, a missing FIA agent who lost coms in Dogtown.

President Myers has bestowed this mission upon you and Reeds; it will be of the utmost importance. You must find Alex first and then travel to find the Netrunner Slider next. Remember that this mission won’t be easy, so come prepared, as you will be fighting many enemies.

If you cannot complete this quest, don’t worry; I have mapped out all the details in this guide, curtailing the events of the Damned in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

How to complete the Damned in Cyberpunk 2077

You will meet with certain NPC characters to complete the quest known as The Damned. For that, you will be going to different parts of Dogtown. I have listed all the objectives you can follow to complete this mission.

Go to the Moth bar

The first part of the objective to complete the damned quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty will be to head towards the Moth Bar. You can follow the quest marker and walk through the streets to reach this bar. Once you get there, head up the stairs to enter the Moth bar.

Talk to the bartender

You can walk in and sit by the bar and enjoy the waitress commenting on your preference for being alone. You can wait there for a while and ask Daphne to Surprise you, to which she will offer the House Special in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. It will take some time there you can spend your time and wait until the evening.


Answer Reed’s call and Talk to Reed

Then, you will receive a call from Reed, and you can answer it and inquire whether he will join you. He will reply that he will join you there shortly so you can wait for him.

Moreover, Reed will mention that during his past life, he went south on an op and was left for dead by Myers. He never told Alex because he didn’t want things between them to get tense. After that, the waitress will serve you your drink.

Then Reed will enter the bar and inquire about Alex from Daphne, and she won’t be too happy to see and serve him. Instead of serving you, she will ask the rest of the people to leave as they will be closing the bar.

She will then pull out a gun on Reed, and you will hear him call her, this time by the name Alex in the Cyberpunk 2077 The Damned mission.

Talk to Alex

Instead of firing, Alex will reveal her true appearance to both of you, and you will have two options here. The first will be to show Coin and tell her that both of you are working for Myers. The second option will be to disarm her.

Using the second option, you can save some coins and disarm her in Cyberpunk 2077. Then you can ask her to relax, and Reed will tell her that President Myers sent you to complete a mission in Dogtown.

There will be some bickering between Alex and Reed about taking the fall during the previous op. Now you can show her the Coin confirming that you got direct orders from the President. Alex will then leave to smoke outside and think about this proposal. 

Convince Alex to join the mission

Now, you can talk with Reed and tell him you will try to persuade Alex to join the cause in Cyberpunk 2077. Head outside the bar, and you will find her smoking on the right side so that you can introduce yourself as V to her.

You can tell her that an FIA agent is missing in Dogtown, and you and Reed have been tasked with finding her. She will then inquire what leverage they had on you, and you can select the option to tell her that it was personal.

Reed will also share her history with FIA and how she decided to leave them. Moreover, she will be curious as to why Myers and Reed are after this missing person who will happen to be Songbird in Cyberpunk 2077, The Damned.

It turns out Reed knows her too, and she was a part of the op, due to which Alex left Reed and he disappeared on her. She will ask her share for being part of this mission, including perks like the spy’s retirement benefits, etc.

You can then reply to her offer by telling her that Reed would take her to Monte Carlo himself if she helped aid them in this op. Alex will agree to join you on the mission, The Damned in Cyberpunk 2077. You can then head back inside the bar and tell Reed the excellent news that Alex is in.

Talk to Alex and Reed

Then Alex will join you both inside the bar and taunt Reed. She will then ask about finding Songbird. You can then tell her that her ship was attacked in Cyberspace and she crashed in Dogtown, and it was also the last place where her comms broke off.

Alex will then state that you need a Netrunner to determine if he has any data on her. She will suggest Wilky Slider Laguerre in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. You can then select the option to visit him. Alex will tell you that Slider hides in a would-be Luxor Height spa. She will also send you his coordinates.

Meet with Reed near Slider’s hideout

You can leave them both to talk while heading out to Slider’s hideout. Once you exit the bar, follow the coordinates to reach Slider’s location and meet with Reed there to complete the objective for the mission, The Damned in Cyberpunk 2077. You will also be able to converse with Jhonny about a monument in Dogtown, and he will mock it for having no purpose.

After reaching the coordinates, you can sit on the bench there and wait for Reed to arrive at that location. He will show up later, and you can enter the building next to figure out Slider’s hideout. Sliders will have posted lookouts, so you either talk with them or avoid them and find another way inside.

Talk to the guards

Those guards won’t be too happy to see you, and when you inquire about Slider, they will tell you to go away. Moreover, they will open fire at you so you can kill them both, along with the other guards in that area.

Destroy the server cores

Taking out all the guards present there won’t be an easy task as you will find most of them increasingly frustrating to deal with. You can shift your focus on destroying the server cores to sever the Voodoo Boys connection. You will need to destroy four of these to complete this task and eliminate the guards present in Cyberpunk 2077, Phantom Liberty.

Find Slider

Once the situation is cleared, you and Reed can continue to find Slider in The Damned in Cyberpunk 2077 mission. Go to the red room on the right side, and you will find a shutter on the right end. Interact with it by pulling it upwards to reveal a hidden pathway ahead.

Speak to Slider

Now, you can simply follow Reed, and along the way, you will hear Slider’s voice over the speakers, where he will curse you for killing his soldiers. After a short walk, you will finally confront Slider, who will be surprised to see Solomon Reed at his place.

You can then talk with him, and he will praise himself with multiple names. Reed then tells him he wants to cut a deal with him, and he won’t be too happy during this negotiation. You can then ask Slider for intel regarding the whereabouts of a woman you lost contact with during the SF1 crash after being attacked in Cyberspace.

Allow Slider to tap into the data in your head

Slider will ask to peek into the trinket in your head, so you can allow him to do that. Press the first option to sit, jack in, and ask Reed to watch your back.

Slider will then say that he sees bits of data, after which the system will somewhat crash, and you will see a Failed message display on your screen. He will then complain about seeing the Blackwall, which brings out only death in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

Learn about the Blackwall Protocol

Reed will ask for specifics,’ and Slider will reply that the woman you are searching for used Blackwall protocol to connect with you. You can say that you had no idea, so Slider will clarify that the net has layers protected with encryptions, and the one we are trying to find out is layered with the Blackwall encryption.

Taping into it will not only fry Songbird but kill her and blow her up like a bomb as well. That will also kill everyone, including you, so you must be careful. You can tell Slider that he is exaggerating, and he will explain the specifics of passing the Blackwall.

You can then ask Reed if risking contact with Blackwall will be risky, to which he will reply that it would be riskier to let Songbird poke more holes into it.

Since you need to contact her, Slider will not be left with any choice but to aid you in this mission known as The Damned in Cyberpunk 2077. Furthermore, Reed will offer Slider a deal about having immunity with the FIA, and he will agree to help you.

Talk to Songbird

Once Slider establishes the connection, you will see fragments of Songbird. She will see you and Reed there, and you can ask her what happened. Songbird will reply that her brain almost got fried by that thing, so she had to look for help beyond the Blackwall in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

That place isn’t safe, and since she is running out of time, Songbird will inform you that Hansen’s goons tracked her down, and after she rezzed the Chimera, she was detained. As long as she obeys him, she will not be in danger, but she needs your help to escape this situation.

After this, the connection will break, but you will get another few seconds with Songbird. This time, she will tell you about the location of Black Sapphire. There. V. Hansen will be hosting a vast shindig there. She will find you there, so communicate her message to Reed next to proceed with the mission, The Damned.

Talk to Jhonny

The communication link will shatter, frying Slider, and you will regain consciousness. Reed will be relieved and will have no sympathy for Slider even though he helped your case and died for it. You will also see Jhonny, who will say that Reed wasn’t planning on sparing Slider either.

You can relate to Songbird’s message and tell Reed she is fine and needs our help in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

Leave the Voodoo Boys hideout with Reed

You can then exit the Voodoo Boys Hideout by following Reed out of that building to continue onwards with the mission of The Damned. However, you will find some guards waiting outside, so kill them all and follow the path you took earlier to get out.

Take your time and kill the guards, then move on with Reed to find a quiet corner to figure out the rest of the mission objectives in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

Talk to Reed

Once outside, you can talk to Reed about the message Songbird delivered and confirm that Songbird is tapped into the Blackwall. Reed will then tell you to find her and give him her coordinates. You can also mention that Songbird needs your help as Hansen’s captured her.

Reed will then point out the giant skyscraper on your right and say it is the Black Sapphire. You can turn around and look at it. Lastly, Reed will mention that this particular building is practically Hansen’s fortress in the middle of Dogtown, and getting inside won’t be easy.

You can’t just barge in; you will have to find someone on the inside to help you in rescuing Songbird. You can suggest meeting Mr. Fixer, and then Reed will take his leave to discuss this situation with Alex. This will conclude the mission of The Damned in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

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