Cyberpunk 2077 Spider And The Fly Walkthrough

Spider and the Fly in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty is a very on-rails mission that feels like it is out of CoD.

Finding and helping Rosalind Myers at the SF1 crash site in Hole in the Sky is just the beginning of your troubles in Dogtown. Once you defeat Hansen’s assaulting forces, Songbird will ask you to escort President Myers to a safehouse on Elizabeth Kress Street and that is where the Spider and the Fly mission in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty begins.

How to complete Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Spider and the Fly

Find out Myers in your near vicinity inside the ship and help her open the big shutter door in the wall. You will be given two options, however, your choice doesn’t matter. Go to the other side using the door. And it will update to the next objective.

Follow Myers

Myers will start to take the lead along with some discussion. Follow her up on the path and she will stop near a window. While talking to Myers, you will be given two options. Regardless of your choice, the game will proceed pretty much the same way. At this point, Myers will ask for your help to do something.

Help Myers remove the tracker

Cyberpunk 2077 Spider And The Fly

Myers suspects there is a mole in Washington which is how Hansen knew to shoot down SF1. To stop the mole, she needs to take out a tracker embedded in her.

You need to move close to her to remove the tracker from her neck. Here again, you will have three different options and you can pick any one of them Once you remove the tracker you need to hide from the approaching drone.

If you are successful in taking a good hiding spot, the drone will pass but if somehow you have been spotted then you need to neutralize the drone.


Escort Myers safely through the building

Once done dealing with the drone, you need to talk again to Myers. You will receive an instruction call from the Songbird ordering you to take the Myers to the top of the building.

Escort Myers and lead her to the yellow marker. At the end of the room, you will find an elevator which is currently inaccessible due to its locked gate.

Talk to Songbird

Once you are unable to open the door, you need to ask Songbird for his help. He will be unable to help at the moment and the objective will update here.

Find the fusebox in the utility room

Head out of the room and take the first left. Here you will find a small opening leading you to the Lower deck. Jump in and follow the yellow marker. At the end, you will find a ladder leading you inside the utility room.

Once you are inside the utility room, approach the fusebox placed on the wall. Override the fusebox and this will update the objective list.

Take the elevator to the upper floor

Go back to the room where you left Myers. The elevator will be unlocked by now. Step into the elevator and set it to go upwards. Once you are at the top take Myers to the door at the opposite end. You may face a couple of enemy soldiers along with a drone as well. You can either sneak past them or kill them all. An optional objective for Phantom Liberty Spider and the Fly here is to take the Barghest vehicle.

Cyberpunk 2077 Spider And The Fly

In my case, I chose to ignore the optional objective and snuck past the enemies to reach the street level. From there you can just run to the next objective or find another vehicle.

Reach the building while avoiding the patrols

You will find a car near the building entrance. Ride the car on the road going down. You must drive carefully and with some good speed so you can lose the tail of the enemies following up on you before you reach the destination building.

Follow the yellow marker and it will take you down to the parking lot of the building and the objective list for Phantom Liberty Spider and the Fly mission will update.

Take the elevator and leave the parking lot

Exit the car and take the elevator to one side of the parking lot. Wait for Myers to come and join you.

After getting out of the lift, Myers will have a little chat with V. There will be two dialogue options, and like the previous ones the choice you pick does not affect the game storyline.

Go through the Expo

Cyberpunk 2077 Spider And The Fly

The next step is to pass through the chamber. On one side of this chamber, you will find a locked door after climbing up a couple of stairs.

Once you are in front of the door, you need to wait for Myers to come and join you before you initiate the unlocking process of the door with the help of Songbird. Open the door with Myers and enter the next chamber through the door.

In this chamber, you will find an elevator. First, you need to call it. While the elevator is on its way, you may explore the room because a lot of loot is available there. The elevator door will be locked and you will not be able to get inside.

Fight off Hansen’s soldiers until Songbird is ready

At this point, Hansen’s forces will attack in huge numbers from all directions. The situation keeps getting bad until Songbird asks you to hold on a little longer as she is preparing something. Just survive for as long as you can at this point in Spider and the Fly in Cyberpunk 2077.

Eventually, Songbird will tell you she is ready and power up a massive Chimera robot that was in the middle of the room.

Cyberpunk 2077 Spider And The Fly

The Chimera will devastate the Barghest soldiers in no time. You can choose to fight alongside it or just sit in the corner and watch the destruction unfold. Ultimately, however, the Chimera will start to go haywire. Seems like So Mi is losing control of it due to the massive strain on her cyberwar. After all the Barghest soldiers are dead, the Chimera will lose control and attack you and President Myers.

Run to the objective marker to escape the rampaging Chimera in CP 2077 Spider and the Fly mission.

Flee the Chimera

Chimera is out of control now and you have lost contact with Songbird. You need to flee from the chamber with Myers. Open the shutter door on one side and flee. Chimera will break the door while coming behind you. Keeping following Myers into a holo room. Call the elevator and hold out till it arrives.

Unfortunately, the Chimera follows you into this room as well. Hide behind the pillars as it fires its weaponry. You can’t do anything to defeat the Chimera in Cyberpunk 2077 at this point in Spider and the Fly.

Once the elevator arrives, open the door. Myers manages to get in but you are blocked by the Chimera.

Shoot the cables holding the Chandelier

At this point, you notice a chandelier above the Chimera. Shoot its cable to have it drop down and hit the giant robot. The weight of the massive chandelier falling down will cause the floor to break and you will fall down multiple levels alongside the Chimera. You are now in a huge room with the robot and the Cyberpunk 2077 Chimera boss fight in Spider and the Fly begins.

How to defeat Chimera in Phantom Liberty Spider and the Fly

Once you regain control, you will see Myers in front. From here the official boss fight will start against Chimera. Chimera has some dangerous attacks including the sonic attack when he hits the ground.

Cyberpunk 2077 Spider And The Fly

Additionally, he also possesses a giant turret on top along with missile launchers as well. A high-power laser beam that initiates from its body circles around the whole area destroying everything in its way to make sure to take cover behind an object when that happens.

Destroy all of Chimera’s weak points

Chimera also releases some poisonous gas. In such case you should move to a higher spot in the nearby area, this will save you from the gas effects.

The best strategy to defeat the Chimera in CP 2077 Phantom Liberty is to play defensively. After every major attack, it will open up vents to cool down. Attack these weak glowing spots on its body. Once you damage it enough, the Chimera will also release a couple of drones that can repair it. Make sure you destroy those a quickly as possible.

Once the Chimera’s health drops down to 2%, Myers will ask you to jump on it and finish it. Walk up its legs and a sequence plays out as you rip open Chimera’s hatch and throw a grenade inside it. This will destroy the Chimera and mark the completion of the Cyberpunk 2077 Spider and the Fly mission.

You will now start Lucretia My Reflection and finally enter the safehouse on Elizabeth Kress Street and can start exploring the open world of Dogtown in Phantom Liberty.

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