Cyberpunk 2077 Small Man, Big Mouth Walkthrough

A heist job that turns out to be a setup to kill Kirk

Cyberpunk 2077 comes with three distinct life paths that you can choose from. The Small Man, Big Mouth is a side job only accessible in the Street Kid Life Path. The quest revolves around Kirk’s intel pointing to a side job that can benefit both V and Kirk.

The side job is not as complex when compared to other quests and missions in Cyberpunk 2077. Small Man Big Mouth mission follows a linear approach where you have to do one objective at a time. Whatever approach you take, your end rewards are the same.

How to unlock the Small Man, Big Mouth quest

The Cyberpunk 2077 Small Man, Big Mouth quest can be unlocked by choosing the Street Kid Lifepath from the beginning of the game. You also have to complete the Heroes Side mission that is shortly available after completing Act 1/The Heist mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

After completing Hero’s side quest, V gets a call shortly from Kirk Sawyer about a potential side job that can end in both earning a huge amount. There is no definitive time when the call takes place, but it will eventually be after the completion of Heroes. Once you get the call, the quest gets updated, and you can select it as active.

However, before you attempt the Small Man, Big Mouth mission, make sure you are at least level 28-30, as the enemies you face can present a bit of a challenge if you are lower level than that.

How to complete Small Man, Big Mouth in Cyberpunk 2077

After getting the call, Kirk informs you about getting to Coyote so that he can discuss further details about the job. You can choose the dialogue ‘I’ll be there’ to continue the mission.


Meet Kirk at Coyote

For the first Small Man, Big Mouth objective, equip your vehicle and travel to El Coyote Cojo using one of the fast travel points. Head inside the place and head upstairs. As you take the stairs, you will find Johnny on them. You can stop by and have a conversation with Johnny if you want to. It is an optional objective, as he will only let you know what he thinks about Kirk.

Head up and take a right, and you will find Kirk sitting with one of his associates, Big Joe. Initiate the conversation between V and Kirk so he can brief you about the plan.

Talk to Kirk

After sitting down, you both will start chatting and how each of you has changed. Kirk will then inform you about a Van near Coyote holding valuable Militech Implants protected by the Valentino Gang members.

So you must act on it soon as this task is time-sensitive. He will then send you the coordinates shortly. Then opt to stand up, and your sub-objective will be updated.

Go to the meeting with Kirk

After that, your objective will be updated, and you will have to walk out of Coyote and head towards the marker, where you will see Big Joe and Kirk present, already waiting for you at Mega building H4 in Arroyo in Santo Domingo District.

Talk to them so they can further brief you about the stages of the plan. Kirk will let you in over the location of the van. The van is located in the garage nearby. You then just have to make your way inside the protected garage.

Look for the truck containing the goods

This sub-objective will have you locating the truck mostly and spectating how many guards are surrounding the truck.

Defeat the Guards

You will find out that there are a total of five guards in the garage around the Truck. It is up to you whether you should take them out stealthily or go in with guns blazing. The guards are Valentino Gangoons, and they can be hard to eliminate at times.

You can either opt to take them out in a single attempt or isolate them as they move away from each other. Crouching is also advised as this might reduce the line of Guard’s Sight.

See what’s inside the truck

After successfully neutralizing Valentino’s guards, Go near the truck and open it. After opening it, you will find the Fake Samurai Jacket.

This reveals that there were only clothing items inside the truck and the absence of the Militech Implants mentioned by Kirk previously. Kirk’s intel is hence proven useless as it doesn’t earn you the rewards that were mentioned. Inside the truck, Johnny will again start to converse with V regarding how this side job played out.

Return to Kirk

V then has to return to Kirk to confront him about his incorrect intel about the truck containing Militech implants. As you are returning to Kirk, you will hear gunshots. When you return to the site, take the stairs to the left.

As you take the stairs, you will find multiple Valentino gang members, led by Thomas Hays, surrounding the dead bodies on the asphalt. You will soon realize that Kirk and Big Joe are the ones who are dead and lying on the asphalt.

Confront the gangoons

Further conversing with the Valentino gangoons will reveal to V that Kirk had been trying to steal money off their transport. Here you will be given a choice, walk away or avenge Kirk.

If you choose to fight them, try not to engage them from a closer distance, as they will give you a hard time, and you might get killed fighting them.

Choosing either of the dialogues will eventually mark the side job Small Man, Big Mouth in Cyberpunk 2077 completed. Kirk cannot be saved at any point in the side quest; he will end up dead after the quest.

You will get XP / Street Cred XP as a reward after completing Cyberpunk 2077 Small Man Big Mouth.

Small Man, Big Mouth glitch

In the Small Man, Big Mouth mission, you might face several bugs, and their fixes are listed below:

  • There is a bug that occurs sometimes when you can’t talk to Kirk after reaching the location. The issue can be fixed by going to the garage, as it will update your objective and set the quest in the right order.
  • Players have reported glitches in finding the shutters that hold the truck closed. This glitch can be solved by moving further away from the site until your objective changes to defeat the guards. Then, fight off the guards, and the shutter of the garage holding the truck will open.

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