Cyberpunk 2077 Sinnerman Side Job Guide 

The Sinnerman has you help a man get justice for his wife's killer in Cyberpunk 2077. There is a choice to make in this side job that can change the outcome of this quest.

Sinnerman is one of the Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 given by Wakako Okada. She asks you to do a simple hit job for someone whose wife has been murdered by another person. Wakako is a notorious fixer based in Japantown in the game. She gives you the Byakko Katana after you do some jobs for her.

Having completed the Life During Wartime quest in Cyberpunk 2077, you will get a peculiar assassination contract from Wakako Okada. This contract is for Bill Jablonsky, who wants you to help him track down his wife’s killer.  

Once you accept the job, you will meet Bill in a truck, where he tells you all about the situation. The killer, Joshua Stephenson, was convicted and put on death row. However, he found some sources to free himself from the police’s custody and will be out of jail anytime.

Bill wants you to go along with him to finish Joshua before he even exits the police van. 

Follow the NCPD car 

As you continue your talk, an NCPD car passes the road right in front of Bill’s truck. As he instructs you, follow the car immediately and don’t let it get out of sight. The quest will end immediately if you fail to reach the police car. 

Follow Bill Jablonsky 

The chase can be a long one, but you will eventually get them to stop at some point. Bill asks you to stop the car to finish things off himself. Do as he says, following him until he reaches the NCPD car.  


Lieutenant Vasquez will warn Bill as he approaches the police car. When he persists, the officer will shoot him to save Joshua. As far as we know, Jablonsky’s death is certain, and there’s no way to save him now. 

Neutralize Joshua Stephenson 

You can run ahead and assassinate Joshua by shooting him in the car. A fair warning here: the lieutenant is incredibly strong, and the game prevents you from using Quickhacks against him. So, take your next steps carefully against the cop.

Eventually, you will succeed in taking out Joshua and can flee the scene. With this, the side job ends, followed by a unique phone conversation with Wakako.  

What happens if you don’t kill Joshua 

Things will be different if you change your mind and refrain from killing Joshua. Joshua will leave the police car and ask his mates to let you live. After a few moments of conversation, he suggests you should be taken in the police car (not as a hostage).  

While inside the NCPD car, Joshua will keep throwing questions at you. After answering his questions and stepping down from the car, the Sinnerman Side Job ends. Depending on your replies to Joshua, you can now pursue another quest: There is a Light that Never Goes Out.  

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