Cyberpunk 2077 Queen of the Highway Walkthrough

Learn to control Basilisk.

The Queen of the Highway is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077 in which you will get to interact with a familiar NPC character, Panam Palmer. If you want this side job, you must complete the previous one With a Little Help from My Friends.

Once you finish that, you will receive a call from Panam Palmer, who will tell you that the Basilisk is ready. Furthermore, she will inquire whether we are interested in driving it. The Queen of the Highway Side job will initiate if you select Sure thing.

This way, you can complete this quest’s objectives and even try romancing Panam.

Meet with Panam

After you receive the call from Panam and hear her offer to try out the basilisk, you can follow the marker to reach her location. You will find her with other people (veterans) surrounding a huge, armored vehicle they proudly call the Basilisk.

Get in the Basilisk

Once you ask Panam if the Basilisk is ready to go, one of the veterans, Mitch, will say that Carol needs to check if Militech left any trace on it. Cassidy will then joke about leaving the trucks by the Raffen Camp in Cyberpunk 2077.

Jhonny will remark that he returned from a corpo war, and you can ask Panam if you want to try the Basilisk. After that, Panam will tell you to hop in the truck as everything is set. You can hop onto this vehicle’s trunk and enter the Basilisk by opening the top shaft.

After you and Panam are seated in the Basilisk, you must get it in position by firing it up. Panam will do that, and you can observe her, but as it turns out, the Basilisk will take some time before coming to life. You can tell her it is “nice and cozy inside.”

Panam will remark that the basilisk runs through your cerebral cortex, becoming an extension of your body. V can also ask her why this vehicle has a co-pilot; she will instruct you on operating the Basilisk.

You can drive the Basilisk and steer past the wind turbines to drive this armored tank efficiently. Once you get a hold of all the driving instructions, you can maneuver the Basilisk more freely in Cyberpunk 2077. However, you must do a Neural Synchronization with the Basilisk to perform this function.

Shoot at all five targets

While operating the Basilisk, your next objective will be to get it into position and use its firepower. For that, you will need to shoot at “Five Targets” to test out the Basilisk’s efficiency in terms of shooting power.

Talk to Panam

After you are done with the shooting, Panam will tell you about the impulses, and then she will jack linking her nervous system with yours. Both Basilisk pilots can work in harmony while operating this destructive tank. Moreover, Panam will also state that your sensory feedback is linked with hers and if you want to try it out. Here, you will have two options:

  • Let Panam touch you

If you go with this option, you can Romance Panam and have an intimate moment with her in Cyberpunk 2077. However, after a few moments, the Basilisk will be attacked by some Raffen Shiv members.

  • Nice, but I’ve had enough, thanks

If you don’t feel the need to romance with Panam, then you can choose this option to Reject Her. This will lock you from all the options to romance her as well.

Defeat the Raffen Shiv (28/28)

You can then operate the Basilisk and head over to the combat area. There, you can kill all the members attacking your tank. In short, you must eliminate at least 28 Raffen Shiv to clear this objective as part of the Queen of the Highway side job in Cyberpunk 2077.

You will also hear Saul on the comms congratulating you on getting rid of the Raffen Shiv. Then, you can exit the Basilisk and wait for Panam to get out of the Basilisk as well.

Meet with Saul

You and Panam can head towards Saul and speak with him in Cyberpunk 2077. She won’t be too pleased with Saul, but to her surprise, will offer her a position alongside him to lead the family.

Moreover, Saul will also apologize to her for making a mess of things. Panam will follow his instructions on leaving that area with her group and prepare their route.

Follow Panam

Mitch and the rest of the vets will congratulate Panam on assuming the leading role. Then she will return to her place at the bar, and you can follow her.

You can then enjoy some beer with Panam, and here, you will also have a few options. If you want to continue romancing her, select the second option which says, “Listen, what happened in the Basilisk…”.

Panam will want you to stay with the nomads, but you can decline and check the option “I’d love t. But I can’t.” She won’t be too pleased with your reason but will understand your situation. You can tell her you will think over it and then get unconscious in Cyberpunk 2077.

Panam will say that since you had passed out hours ago, they had to move the camp with you to a secure location. She will inquire about your situation, and you can ask whether she knows Jhonny Silverhand. Panam will joke about hearing about him on the radio. You can tell her that he is alive and sitting in your head, and his construct is in your head.

Talk to nomads and leave camp

After you leave Panam’s camp, you can meet with the other nomad vets and speak with them. Mitch will state he fixed your ride. Saul will also inquire about your health so you can answer them and follow Panam outside their encampment.

You can also ask her if they are safe from Militech, and she will respond that they are out of Militech’s reach. You can say your farewells and leave camp. This way, you will be notified about completing the Side Job Queen of the Highway in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to romance Panam

You can romance with Panam during the side job Queen of the Highway during the following objectives.

  1. When you get the Basilisk in position, you can complement that it is nice and cozy inside.
  2. After you shoot the targets, Panam will link her nervous system with yours. You can select the option to Let Panam touch you.
  3. Lastly, when leaving the encampment, you can Kiss Panam and say Goodbye to her.

Remember that romancing Panam will be the best choice as this will earn you her trust and the veterans.

Cyberpunk 2077 Queen of the Highway Bug

There are often cases where you encounter a bug. The dialogue options are accessible on your first meeting and can get frustrating.

A simple fix for this queen of the highway bug will be to go with the following actions:

  • If Panam is near the drinks (lemonade) stand, you can head to the door and then request her for a drink.
  • You can also try moving to the other side of the counter when Panam is present inside the trailer. This will prompt the dialogue options, allowing you to bypass the queen of the highway bug.

If the bug persists, you can save your game and load it up to check whether it has resolved this issue.

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