Cyberpunk 2077 Prototype In The Scraper Walkthrough

In the new Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC you can find the Prototype in the Scraper as a gig on the map. You can start this quest after...

In the new Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC, you can find the Prototype in the Scraper as a gig on the map. Like all the other gigs and side jobs, Prototype in the Scraper only becomes available after you reach Lucretia My Reflection and gain open-world access to Dogtown.

Find Hasan Demir

To start Prototype in the Scraper quest in Cyberpunk 2077, go to the given location on the map above. It is a construction site full of scavengers. You can choose your own approach – whether it be silent or guns blazing but there are definitely hurdles and trouble till you reach the blue point in the location.

When you reach the construction site, you need to navigate yourself to the scav den inside the scraper. Be wary of various traps, mines, and turrets that have been placed in the area along with the roaming Scavenger guards. Following the direction of the map, it’ll lead you directly to the elevator. Take the elevator up, and you continue moving forward.

When the elevator opens up, on this floor, you can pretty much take the stealth route easily and walk past all the guards as they are looking away. The Prototype emitting signal is above you. You need to go right and take the flight of stairs that goes up, and you’ll end up in a room that looks like it was an abandoned surgery room.

Continue forward and go down the stairs and go straight, and you’ll find a man in confinement on your right. He would identify himself as Hasan Demir – an engineer from Zetatech. He would claim that he was the one pinging using the prototype to get help and is the only survivor of the ambush.

Talk to him, and he will explain the situation that the prototype is embedded in his skull and cannot be removed easily. This forces you to rescue him, so you need to visit the guard room nearby and get the passcode.


Free Hasan and escape

You’d need to backtrack a little and go back upstairs. Interact with the computer in front of you, and you’ll see that the passcode for the door to Hasan is 2753. It will also tell you about a safe, but the lock of the safe has melted, so you can’t enter the passcode to open it.

Now, go back downstairs and open the door by using the code. If you haven’t found the code yet, you can still unlock the door, provided your hacking skills are high enough.

Once the door is open Hasan will start walking, so just follow him. If you’ve not killed everyone, Hasan will identify the threat before the door opens and will ask you to clear the place. He will eventually lead you to the tablet. Take the tablet, lower the drawbridge, and continue following Hasan. When you’re out of the hostile zone, just talk to Hasan again.

Should you help Hasan or turn him in to Zetatech?

During the conversation with Hasan, he will ask you to let him go instead of sending him back to Zetatech. You can choose that or continue to call Mr. Hands and explain the situation to him. Calling Hands will essentially give you three different choices on how to deal with Hasan in Prototype in the Scraper mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

Send Hasan to Zetatech

If you send the coordinates to Mr. Hands, he’ll call in a car and ship Hasan straight to Zetatech.

Ask Mr. Hands to remove Hasan’s implant and let Hasan go free

You could ask Mr. Hands to take the implant but let Hasan go. Ask him to help, and he agrees to do so. This choice unlocks the Go Your Own Way quest where Hasan will contact you again to reward you for helping him out.

Let Hasan run away with the Zetatech implant

You could choose to completely let go of Hasan. You’d only be required to submit the schematics tablet, and once you’re done, Mr. Hands will contact you. He wouldn’t sound too amused, but the reward will not change. You end up lying to Hands that the prototype wasn’t around.

Rewards for Prototype in the Scraper in Cyberpunk 2077

You will get the following rewards for completing Prototype in the Scraper gig in Phantom Liberty dlc of Cyberpunk 2077.

  • 8000$
  • 1350 exp

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