Cyberpunk 2077 Increased Criminal Activity Locations

A new open world activity to earn more iconic loot.

In addition to new missions and characters, the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty expansion also includes a couple of open-world activity areas in Dogtown known as “Increased Criminal Activity.” On the map, these spots are represented by 3 mini skulls placed in a triangular pattern.

These increased criminal activity areas in Cyberpunk 2077 are filled with enemies guarding a boss, which ultimately has the key to some amazing loot. There are 3 of these Increased Criminal Activity locations, and completing them can unlock the Judgement Day achievement.

Where to find Increased Criminal Activity in Cyberpunk 2077

Unlike Cyberpsycho Sightings, you don’t have to wait for these icons to pop up on the map. All three increased criminal activity areas, and bosses are already marked on your map once you get access to Dogtown during Lucretia My Reflection. Nevertheless, we will still help you find these places and what to expect once you are there.

Head to them in any order and start defeating these Increased Criminal Activity bosses in Cyberpunk 2077 to collect new iconic weapons.

Location 1: Kress Street – Defeat Ross Ulmer

The first Increased Criminal Activity spot is located in Kress Street, which the Barghest soldiers control. Since Kress Street is where you hid President Myers, this location is quite near to your safehouse so should be easy to get to.

Just follow the skull marker to navigate through different entrances and a tunnel. You will encounter multiple enemies and turrets on the way. The tunnel will lead you to a center chamber where you will find Ross Ulmer, the boss of this spot.


While fighting with Ross Ulmer, make sure to take out the guard operating the machine gun. Once you have killed Ross, loot his body to get your hands over the Access card and the M2038 Tactician shotgun.

Go to the skull marker room and use the access card to enter. Here you will find Raiju Iconic SMG, Blood Pump, DA8 Umbra AR, and M221 Saratoga SMG as well.

Location 2: Luxor High Wellness Spa – Defeat Ayo Zarin

The next Increased Criminal Activity location in Cyberpunk 2077 can be found in Luxor Heights. Once outside, follow the path between the two buildings and enter the left entrance ahead. Follow up the skull marker to move in the correct direction. Slay all the enemies coming in the way.

After a while inside the building, you will encounter another batch of enemies along with turrets, followed by the boss of this Criminal Activity zone known as Ayo Zarin. Once in the fight, try to kill Ayo Zarin as quickly as possible.

Once she is below half her health, Ayo will run inside a water pool, surrounded by electricity. Don’t just follow her into the water as it will damage you a lot. Instead, move to the generator and turn it off first. After defeating her, you can loot the Cache Access Card and Agaou Iconic Axe. You can find a Relic Terminal here as well.

Finally, move to the chamber with the skull marker. Unlock the door using the access card, and a huge amount of loot will be available inside, including the Raven Microcyber MK3 and Epoxy Ballistic Mask with Titanium Reinforced Visor.

Location 3: Terra Cognita – Defeat MRS-071 Drone

Terra Cognita is the last location where you can find an Increased Criminal activity spot in the near vicinity. First, you will encounter a couple of enemies at the front gate. Once inside, you will face numerous enemies along with the Modified Arasaka MRS-071 Drone.

This drone is the boss for this spot. Ensure to take proper cover while reloading to avoid getting hit by the drone. You can find huge amounts of loot in the side places of this building, which you explore even while in combat. You can also move to the upper deck using the escalators on both sides to get some more loot.

Looting the drone body will let you get your hands over the Shuffler Ranged Weapon mod. The real loot is present inside the room on the upper deck with the Increased Criminal Activity skull marker. Follow the marker and you will also get the Spinetickler Tech Weapon mod along with the Sparky Iconic Sniper Rifle.

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