How To Get Gris-Gris In Cyberpunk 2077

One of the most Powerful Pistols in Phantom Liberty.

Gris-Gris is a secret iconic weapon that you can find in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. This iconic revolver packs a serious punch when you use it to engage in combat actively. You can get Gris-Gris by doing one of the gigs and one main mission in Phantom Liberty.

I will guide you on how to get Gris-Gris. Without any further delay, let’s get right into this.

Where to find the Gris-Gris Iconic Weapon

The gig that lets you get the Gris-Gris revolver is ‘Treating Symptoms.’ This requires you to get inside the Voodoo Boy’s base. The latter stages of the gig require you to make a decision that decides the fate of the Voodoo Leader called Milko.

In either of the decisions that decide the fate of Milko and Alan, you can end up with the Gris-Gris weapon.

The location that harbors the iconic weapon is the location of the gig. The base is located at Dogtown’s Pacifica. Remember that the Gris-Gris weapon in Cyberpunk 2077 is behind a door you can open using an access keycard.

The access keycard is in the hands of the person beside Milko, who convinces you not to kill him. As you enter the Voodoo’s Base, you must fight out the Voodoo boys. Then, proceed right after taking the stairs. As you take a right, you will enter a hallway leading to a door.


As you enter the room, you will have to fight the Robot R MK.2. After defeating the Robot R MK.2, a path will take you to the base in the room. The stairs will lead you to the base. The path will converge to a door behind which you will find Milko and Alan Noel.

As you try to kill Milko, Alan will resist. Kill Alan, and you will be granted Alan’s Keycard in Cyberpunk 2077. The gig provides a keycard that enables you to get the weapon during another main mission called ‘The Damned.’

As Reed again leads you into the voodoo boy’s base, make sure to head to the first floor. You have to locate a room with graffiti on the door, as shown in the image.

You can access this room quickly because of Alan’s keycard. As you enter the room, you will find the iconic Gris-Gris tech revolver on the table.

But if you want to save Milko and Alan, there is an alternative method to get the iconic tech revolver.

Alternate Way to Find the Gris-Gris Iconic Weapon

If you wish to spare Alan and Milko, you must acquire the Slider’s Hideout Storage Room Key. This is the alternative way to get Gris-Gris in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. The key can be obtained easily as you start your gig and kill the voodoo boys. Before you take the stairs and head to the hallway, enter the room as indicated by the arrow below.

The room contains the Slider’s Hideout Storage key. This key will also give you access to the Graffiti room, which is the Gris-Gris revolver’s location.

Is Gris-Gris Good in Cyberpunk 2077

It is one of the most potent revolvers and comes equipped with the ability to upload a quickhack per hit. That quickhack is random, letting you mitigate the damage done by the enemy and hinder them. The hindrance can either cause the enemy to become blind or start attacking his allies blindly.

The tech revolver also provides good armor penetration and headshot damage when you aim and hit the enemies in their heads.

Be mindful that the Gris-Gris iconic tech weapon is missable. If you do not get access to either of the keycards mentioned above, you cannot get Gris-Gris. This is because the doors are walled off after the Treating Symptoms side gig when you visit the Voodoo Boys location.

This makes it impossible to get the iconic tech revolver.

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