Cyberpunk 2077 Fast Travel Guide

In Cyberpunk 2077, you can fast travel to different points on the map very quickly. Although we recommend you take in the sights of Night City and get where you’re normally going, sometimes you just want to fast travel. In this Cyberpunk 2077 Fast Travel guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know quickly moving between places.

Cyberpunk 2077 Fast Travel

The fast travel option is not unlocked from the start. But it will unlock automatically once you complete The Ride at the end of your Lifepath specific prologue.

Some of the fast travel points will be unlocked in the Watson district and you can see them on the map.

You can see that all the fast travel points are at the locations you have visited previously.

You can unlock more fast travel points by visiting that point first. Just visit that location and it will be added to your fast travel options on the map.

The more you explore the different locations on the map, the more fast travel points will be added to the map.

How to use fast travel points

Using fast travel in CP 2077 is pretty easy. For fast traveling, you simply need to go to one of the fast travel points which you can see on the map and interact with it.

After that, you have to select the fast travel point where you want to travel and you will reach that location within a couple of seconds. You cannot fast travel to the location you have not visited first.

You have to visit the location physically first before you can fast travel there. Now let’s talk about the Watson Districts whose fast travel points are unlocked first in the game.


Watson is a district of Night City. It is the place where V takes residence and starts their adventure as well. There are 29 fast travel points in the Watson district, which you can see on the map given below.

Night City Watson

Some of the notable fast travel points in the Watson district are also mentioned below.

Bradbury & Buran
This fast travel point is located around the corner from Vik’s ripper doc shop and Misty’s shop.

Ebunike Docks
This fast travel point is located in the northern part of the Watson district.

Megabuilding H10 Atrium
This is a key fast travel point since it takes you to the V’s apartment.

It is an important fast travel point because it will take you to Westbrook’s North Oak.

Other fast travel areas in Watson include

  • All Foods Plant
  • Longshore North
  • Charter ST
  • Kabuki Market
  • Kennedy North
  • Metro: Med Center
  • Drake Ave
  • Metro: Eisenhower ST
  • California & Cartwright
  • Goldsmith ST
  • Sutter ST
  • Creek Loop
  • Bellevue Overwalk
  • Allen ST South
  • Kabuki: Central
  • Pinewood ST South
  • Afterlife
  • Riot
  • Clarendon ST


Westbrook is considered as the best place to live in Night City. This part of the city mainly consists of Celebrities and corporate people. It’s the best place to stay and have fun and most importantly, this is the place here Japantown reside.

Passing through Oakwood, from North to East we get to see:

  • Drive-In Theater
  • Capitola ST
  • Skyline & Salinas
  • Sagan & Diamond
  • Japantown West
  • Metro: Monroe ST
  • Fourth Wall Studios
  • Cherry Blossom Market
  • Megabuilding H8
  • Redwood Market
  • Crescent & Broad
  • Silk Road West
  • Metro: Japantown South
  • Gold Niwaki Plaza
  • Dark Matter
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Lele Park
  • Dynalar
  • Longshore South
  • Columbarium
  • North Oak Sign
  • Kerry Eurodyne’s Residence
  • Arasaka Estate

City Center

The corporate showcase of the Night City, the City Center plays a role of central business district of the City. Almost every corporation of the city operates from the City Center.

Heading South from North we see:

  • Downtown North
  • Berkeley & Bruce Skiv
  • Metro: Republic Way
  • Skyline & Republic
  • Downtown Central
  • Gold Beach Marina
  • Corporation ST
  • Arasaka Tower
  • Ring Road
  • Petrel ST


One of the six districts in the Night City, Heywood; located in the North shows the prestigious side of the city whereas the South consists of money hungry gangs such as Valentinos and 6th Street.

Fast travel points in Heywood region of Night City include

  • Delamain HQ
  • Republic & Vine
  • Skyline East
  • Metro: Congress & MLK
  • Congress & Madison
  • Reconciliation Park
  • Senate & Market
  • Embers
  • Metro: Glen North
  • Berkeley & Bay
  • Cannery Plaza
  • Metro: Market ST
  • Palms View Plaza
  • Pumping Station
  • Parque Del Mar
  • Megabuilding H2
  • Ventura & Skyline
  • Valentino Alley
  • Metro: Glen South
  • Hanford Overpass
  • El Coyote Cojo
  • Megabuilding H3
  • Shooting Range

Santo Domingo

One of the oldest districts in the Night City, Santo Domingo is mainly used as a testing tool for industrial usage such as making new building by destroying the already constructed etc.

This district goes from North-East to South which includes:

  • Trailer Park
  • San Amaro ST
  • Rancho Coronado North
  • Republic East
  • Megtabuilding H6
  • MLK & Brandon
  • Red Dirt Bar
  • Hargreaves ST
  • Arasaka Industrial Park
  • Mallagra & Mazanita
  • Kendal Park
  • Tama Viewpoint
  • Rancho Coronado East
  • Almunecar & Jerze
  • Piez
  • Rancho Coronado South
  • Megabuilding H4


South of the Night City, this former Pacifica Playground used to be the place for upper-classed corporate residential areas. However, this money driving district didn’t see the light and is now ruled by gang members.

It consists the following from North to South:

  • Stadium Parking
  • Pacifica Pier
  • Batty’s Hotel
  • Chapel
  • Grand Imperial Mall
  • West Hind Apartments


Tough Night City only has six main districts, Badlands is considered as the seventh district. This district is divided into two parts, the East Badlands and the South Badlands.

East Badlands include:

  • Nomad Camp
  • Desert Film ST
  • Rocky Ridge
  • Sunset Motel
  • Trailer Park
  • Sunshine Hotel
  • Big Rock
  • I-9 East
  • Far Ridge
  • Old Turbines
  • Wraith Camp
  • Edgewood Farm
  • Medeski Fuel Station

South Badlands include:

  • Tama Viewpoint
  • Dam
  • Solar Power Station
  • Abandoned Parking Lot
  • Las Palapas Motel
  • Solar Arrays
  • Autowerks
  • Tango Tors Motel
  • Abandoned Fuel Station
  • Regional Airport
  • Fuel Station
  • Border Checkpoint
  • Protein Farm

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