How To Get Inside The Riot Club In Cyberpunk 2077

Enter the Riot Club during the Violence mission.

The Riot Club in Cyberpunk 2077 is an important spot for you to complete the Violence and I Don’t Wanna Hear It missions. The biggest issue with the Riot Club is that you find it closed most of the time. This is very frustrating, especially when you are doing the mission and can’t enter the club.

But worry not, as I will guide you on how you can enter the Riot Club.

Cyberpunk 2077 Riot Club location

The Riot Club appears on the map as Lizzie’s bar in the Watson District. If you search the Little China Sub District and head to Plam View Street, you can find it next to the bridge connecting the Kabuki Sub District.

How to enter Riot Club in Cyberpunk 2077

Till now, I’m unaware of any method that can resolve the closed entrance bug of the Riot Club. However, I do have some ways you can use to beat the system and get inside.

Usually, you have to enter the Riot Club from the front entrance, which is the door you will probably find closed. What you can do is you can open the garage door, which is the side door of the club, at 10 AM. The bouncer will let you in.

However, if you want to visit there at night, bribe the bartender to smoke at 10 AM, and when you return to the club at night, you will find the doors open. Even if you don’t, the side doors are always open at night.


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