Cyberpunk 2077: Violence Walkthrough

Find out what Lizzy Wizzy’s boyfriend is up to.

One of the most fun quests in Cyberpunk 2077 is the Violence Side Job. This is a small quest that doesn’t require you to do much, but still offers a handsome reward upon completion.

However, the reward doesn’t come that easy because it is based on the choices that you make throughout the quest. If you want to get your hands on some easy cash and XP but don’t know how then read on to learn how to complete the Violence Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077 with the best choices.

How to unlock and start “Violence”

The Violence quest becomes available after you complete the Main Job: “Search and Destroy” in Cyberpunk 2077. There isn’t a specific time for it, but once you do complete that Main Job, you receive a text message from an Unknown Sender.

Open up your journal, navigate to the message from the Unknown Sender, and read it. Once you do that, the quest will start and you will receive your first objective: Meet with the mysterious client at the No-Tell Motel.

How to complete Violence in Cyberpunk 2077

After starting the violence quest, you must make your way to the No-Tell Motel in Watson – Kabuki. Once there, head up to room 210 to witness the mysterious sender in front of you.

She turns around and it’s revealed that the client is actually Lizzy Wizzy, the musician. What she wants you to do is spy on her boyfriend, Liam Northom, and find out if he’s cheating on her.


You will be prompted to choose whether to help her or not, but the choice doesn’t matter as the objectives will continue even if you reject the job.

Reach the Riot Club

For now, all you are told is that the man she is dating is at the Riot Club, which is in Chinatown. Remember that this club is only open from 6 PM-6 AM, so we suggest skipping the time if you’re in a hurry.

Moreover, if you wait too long to enter the Riot Club, the Violence quest will temporarily become inaccessible in Cyberpunk 2077. Lizzy will also say that Liam is out of town. You can continue the quest again after a week of in-game time.

If there is no one inside the club or you get stuck on the finding information objective, then the mission must be bugged. To solve this problem, wait until 11 PM to 1 PM or fast travel away and then back again.

You’ll be met with a bodyguard right in front of the club. You can ask him about Northom directly if you have 11 Body and enter freely. If not, then you can access the club via the ladder to the left of the club’s entrance.

Ask about Liam

Once inside, make your way over to the bartender and ask him about Northom. There are a couple of options that you can choose here. If you have 9 Body or above, the bartender gives you the information without any trouble if you choose the “Know what I can do?” dialogue.

If not, you can choose to pay the bartender, which will result in you losing $3000 Eddies in return for the information.

Alternatively, if you are playing the STREETKID life path, then there is an extra option you can choose to get the information – “Why protect the rich asshole?”. This one has no consequences as well.

Regardless of your choice, you obtain access to the “Staff Only” area upstairs, which is going to be your next go-to place. Once outside the locked room upstairs, use the Staff Access Card you just acquired to enter.

Next, move to the right in this room at take the elevator to the ground floor. Here, you will find a computer which you must access. Interact with the computer and navigate to the Remote Takeover via the Local Network to access the surveillance cameras.

Use the security cameras

To spy on Northom, switch to camera 03: VIP Lounge. Listen in to the conversation the guy is having with the lady, and you’ll find out that Northom plans to copy Lizzy and alter her personality with the Arasaka Soulkiller program.

Once the conversation ends, talk with Johny Silverhand and download the surveillance footage from the computer as proof of Liam’s betrayal.

You will now be presented with two vital choices that decide the ending of the Violence mission in Cyberpunk: 2077. The first is to lie to Lizzy and tell her that it’s just an affair, while the second is to tell her the truth about Liam’s plans.

Should you lie or tell Lizzy the truth?

If you choose to tell Lizzy that Liam was just having an affair and nothing more, the mission will end and you won’t receive any rewards.

Hence, the best choice for the Violence quest is telling Lizzy the truth about Liam’s plans in Cyberpunk 2077. We recommend choosing this option as you will only receive the rewards associated with this quest if you choose this option.

After you choose this option, the Violence quest will temporarily be considered complete. However, you later get a call from Lizzy again, initiating the final few objectives of the quest.

Exactly at what time Lizzy calls you cannot be determined as she can call you anytime. This often takes a few hours – until then, you can go about as you please.

When you do receive the call, Lizzy calls you over to the No-Tell Motel again. Only this time, she asks you to get rid of the body in her room. If you choose to agree, it’s as simple as throwing it down the trash chute which is in the hallway.

Once that’s done, the Violence quest will be completed for good and you will receive $2140 Eddies and a bunch of XP as a reward.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Violence bugs and fixes

If you are unable to enter the club, it is because of how the game treats time. The best times to enter the club is either 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. in the morning or p.m. in the night. The doors should open for you.

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